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Record 59.5 million Refugee's Worldwide


Free Spirit
Staff member
I knew with the conflicts going on in the middle east it was in the millions but I had no idea it would go this high. Which almost 40 million are displaced in their own country but still if you had to leave your home and everything you own because of war you still qualify.


Sitting here in my comfortable home, never hearing a war going on outside my window or being afraid of someone barging into my home at any minute to kill or rape me I'm not sure I can really imagine what they are going through.

I have a feeling anytime I have been really afraid in my life was nothing compared to the fear they have to live with daily. The fear of death, the fear of hunger, a fear I don't think we can come close to imagining.

What are we going to do when these numbers hit a billion. The world is having a hard time handling it at these numbers. When we decide to start a war we should really think about all the consequences.