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recommended free web hosting??


Registered Member
hi, i'm looking for a free web hosting service (NOT google sites) that enables me to host files, and write scripts in these three languages: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML WITHOUT setting up some sort of crack/hack.

not worried about the GUI (graphical user interface, sometimes also called WYSIWYG; what you see is what you get), i don't use that.

so basically: 100% free (MUST last indefinately, without upgrades, etc) web hosting that easily allows me to use JavaScript (which is NOTHING to do with java), CSS and HTML.

i thank you in advance for your recommended solutions


Registered Member
Free hosting don't allow you to have complete domain name of your choice.

For example: If Atspace say they are providing free web hosting service. The URL of the website will be your-name.atspace.com.

If you don't like some extension then you need to use paid web hosting service


Registered Member
Just google "free cpanel hosting" or "list of free cpanel hosting". It will give you many free hosting providers with sub domains. Its better go for paid service for long run and business needs.