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recommendations on IT asset management/inventory software?


New Member

(If there is a better forum here to post this in, let me know. This was the closest I could find.)

Pardon the bold, but based on a number of responses I have received elsewhere, to save your time, if you are using something like Access or something homegrown, this is not what I'm looking for. I am looking for a well rounded software package along the lines of what I describe below.

Specifically, what I'm looking for is actually something pretty similar to what we already use, which is a product called Alloy http://www.alloy-software.com/nin/index.html (click on the link or see below for details) which is actually very great except for being a bit buggy. It's getting to be time to renew our licenses, so we're just taking a moment to look at our options.

In a nutshell, I work in a 225 pc Windows XP environment with 23 servers and we are looking for a product that can auto-detect computers on the network as well as all of their info (bios verision, service tag, make, model, processor speed, RAM, etc.) but obviously allow manual entry (for things like room numbers, or spare computers that are not currently plugged into the network), too.

It needs to also allow for entry of montors and printers (though auto-dection would be a dream!). We need something that will allow manually entered repair histories of each item. And ideally, it would have an intergrated helpdesk function where you can tie in work orders into an inventory item's repair history as well. Oh, and a knowledge base would be nice, too.

That pretty much describes what the Alloy software that we currently use is like, and like I said, it's a great idea that most of the way works most of the time, and frankly, we'll probably stick with it, but are just taking stock of our options.

Additionally, (and pardon the bold, again) I'm only looking for first (or second) hand recommendations here. I'm well aware (from when I did the research last year before we purchased Alloy) that you can search and find hundreds of products that have some of these features, but most of them aren't very good and a lot of them are basement style projects on their first or second version.

So, if you know of a product along these lines that you like, by all means, please, testify!