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Discussion in 'Music' started by Smelnick, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Smelnick

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    By this I mean, are you able to tell what band a song is being performed by, without knowing the song? Simply by recognizing the sound of the vocalist, the style of the lyrics and riffs. Perhaps the tempo is even a common one used?

    That's usually how I describe music to people. If I'm telling someone about a band they've never heard of, I can usually compare it to several other bands that the person may know. Tierra Santa sounds alot like a spanish version of Iron Maiden because of the types of riff they do, but also because the vocalist basically just sounds like the Maiden singer, singing in spanish lol.

    When I'm listening to music at work, a lot of times a song will come up on shuffle that I don't neccesarily recognize. However, I can still usually tell who the song is by. (Except when it comes to R.E.M. and Barenaked Ladies. Those vocalists sound so similiar, it's scary.)

    After I've listened to a band lots, then it's not hard because I recognize the voice of the vocalist, and also I've gotten to know all the songs. However, some bands have a similiar style between all their songs. Disturbed, Tragically Hip, Matthew Good Band, Coheed and Cambria, City and Colour, to name a few.

    Alot of those bands, I haven't heard all the songs, but I can tell which one is which after the first few bars of the intro. Each one has a distinct style of sound, and each song that they do has that sound to it. To the point, where with City and Colour, I can't tell the difference between any of their songs haha. I like them, but it's almost like they have just one song, with different words each time lawl.

    So how about yourselves? How well can you recognized different bands if you hear a song by them that you may not have heard much? Do you know any bands that have a distinct common sound between songs? Any other comments on what I've said?

  2. Rebeccaaa

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    I'm not very musically inclined so only when the band is notoriously easy to recognise. Off the top of my head I mean bands such as Simply Red or Chicago, for example. I hardly ever listen to either but I can tell their songs on the radio even if I've never heard it before because they're that distinctive. Then obviously there's the artists I'd recognize purely because I listen to them so much. Some are just obvious to most people out there, like The Beatles or Bob Dylan.

    There's also some guitarists I can recognise before any singing happens, if any does at all. Namely Hendrix.

    But yeah, that's about it.
  3. Bjarki

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    I can recognize them as long as there are distinctive features that really stand out (which is often the case).

    It depends on what kind of music you are into as well. I think rock/metal is hard to distinguish if you never listen to it..
    My brother is always like 'hey, is that Rammstein?' and then I shake my head :shake:
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    There's a lot of lead singers that a unique voice. I can easily tell when musicians like Freddy Mercury, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Peter Gabriel, George Michael and a few more are singing since no one sounds like them. That's why I enjoy them so much. I prefer vocalist that have a unique voice since it's their own style.

    I believe it's much harder to distinguish singers today then it was thirty to fourty years ago.
  5. ysabel

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    Mostly about my own favorite artists/bands. They're so familiar to me I'd recognise their sound. I would also recognise if new artists/bands are influenced by these artists. Like I have a feeling they have the same sound yet not really the same, haha.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    Totally understand what you're saying. I believe that the musician that most new pop artist, or even one that as been around for ten years try to emulate is Michael Jackson. Here's just a few that were influenced by the King of Pop:

    -Justin Timberlake
    -Will I AM
    -Kanye West
    -Chris Brown

    The list could go on forever. I know they are others that get influenced as well by other artist, but I believe Michael is probably the biggest one.

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