Recieved Modern Warfare 2 as a Christmas gift

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Swiftstrike, Dec 26, 2009.

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    I have already played the game several times at friend's houses. I was impressed but there were still a few things that bothered me. I was semi-expecting the game as an xmas gift and was bit excited to receive it. But I would not have felt compelled to purchase the game on my own.

    I played for few hours (multiplayer only) today and although it was an enjoyable and addictive experience I found a few complaints about the game that really bothered me (Yes I will be comparing this game to Halo 3):

    1. You can not enter an Xbox live chat and stay in one while playing team deathmatch. I have no idea why this is the case but I found it very annoying to be playing with friends in games and have to mute my random teammates every game. Most people who play this game are retarded and rather annoying. In Halo's matchmaking you can easily mute people or set you voice communications to only hear people in your party, a feature this game should also have.
    2. I don't really like the matchmaking ranking system. I think most games you should be matched with players against similar ranks and similar skill. But Modern Warfare 2's ranking system skill is irrelevant. It is based on how many games you play based on the xp you earn each game. It's an experienced based ranking system, as oppose to skill based like Halo. Some games I played against guys I would go negative and get destroyed. And other games I was curious as why the opponents were so...bad. Being new to the game, but very good at FPSs I expected to do decent but not excellent. However, I never would have expected getting 20 kills in a match with 5 deaths.
    3. No multi-player
    4. I didnt like having to play with shitty weaponry and build up your weapons and perk bonuses. I couldn't believe how limited my weapon selection was and how limited my perks were until I had played a few matches. My friends have nearly everything unlocked so I was unaware I needed to unlock these features myself.
    5. It really feels like and uncoordinated clusterfuck. You run around with a gun with your teammates. I am sure there are strategies and points you need to hold but it seems since the skills of the players vary so dramatically it doesnt matter.
    6. Is radar even relevant, or accurate? I guess this perk cold blood makes you not show up on radar. I found that when I had radar it never seemed to give me valuable enough intel on enemy locations for me to frequently check it.

    Overall though I continued felt compelled to play to unlock additional attachments, weaponry, and perks. So even though those aren't available from the start, it gave me an achievement for me to strive towards.

    There are several things I like about the game. The sprint feature is nice. I enjoy some of the larger matches. I like being able to choose your weapons at the start of a match as oppose to having to pick them up during the game.

    I am sure I will be playing this game for a bit since I was getting a bit burned out playing Halo 3. It's different and I like the change of pace. But I fail to see what all the hype was all about. It's a good game and probably one of the better ones on the market, but its multiplayer lacks a lot of features that I prefer in Halo 3's matchmaking.
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  2. Mihael_langley

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    1. That was a move from IW to prevent cheaters and chat abusers, who in certain matches even after they were dead they communicated the enemy location to teammates.

      You have enough titles and rewards as it is, achievements would only force something unnecessary to the game. Most MP games nowadays are following that route, Uncharted 2 also doesn't have MP trophies.

      That's basically how it is for most level up, and you have something to look forward- winning new weapons, keeping the player motivated to keep spending hours ranking up. After you Prestige you lose everything and start all over for the next prestige badge.

      Well personally i find Mw2 to be the shooter that fits most my taste because although it has some degree of realism is mostly and Arcade experience and it feel really, really good to fire a weapon in the game, killstreaks are amazing fun, lots of weapons, lots of customization, lots of maps, modes, huge sure you will have fun once you start unlocking better weapons (i hate the FAmas)

      In Mw2 the XP represents your skill in the battlefield, its not just about killing but also how you kill will reward you with extra points that are added to your overall score in the board.

      1kill= 100 points
      1kill + revenge = 150 points
      Longshots add +50
      multiple kills adds +100 (each kill)
      Recover from 4 death in a row = 300 points
      Call air support 200-300 points
      Complete weapon specific challenges adds up too.

      In the end of the match you even earn some more skill points on top of that.

      Take killzone 2 for instance, i loved the game and it got many awards for best MP\fps of 2009. But it has some serious issues that handicap the replayability of the game for me:

      Classes have fixed weapons, fixed spawn points combined with indestructible spawn grenades leads to massive spawn killing situations.

      I agree that Mw2 is not the most tactical shooter out there, but its the most chaotic and relentless ^^
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  3. Merc

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    I love how most of your complaints are compatible with Halo 3 as well.
  4. pro2A

    pro2A Hell, It's about time!

    I got it for PC. I love it so far :) I played the first 7 or so missions yesterday. The graphics are beautiful, and the story line makes more sense this time. Although I highly doubt the US military would ignore "unknown boggies" in American airspace in a post 9/11 world... either way, I lol'd when they nuked DC :lol:

    Great game so far!
  5. Smelnick

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    I haven't found it to be totally useless. It just takes some getting used to. It's just a bit more realistic is all. It only shows enemy positions when they fire an unsilenced weapon, or when a UAV is active. A lot of the weapons seem to fire less accurately when silenced, and so I see alot of people going with out the silencer. And with cold blooded perk activated, you sacrifice having some of the other good perks like hardline. And so once again, not everyone at a higher rank uses them. In the end, it seems like it balances out a lot.

    I suppose it depends on personal opinion and what you're looking for. I like both games somewhat equally, but I usually only rate games on how much fun I have playing them. (I'm easy to please as well when it comes to FPS's) but I do agree with Swift about the ranking system. in COD, it's just about how much you play. Sure, the better you play, the faster you level up but you're still going to end up with low level players that play awesome, and high level players that play dumb. There's really no way to go down in rank if you suck too bad. Even if your team loses the match, you still get experience. Whereas in Halo, if you start sucking, your rank suffers. It's a good way to keep the less skilled players at a lower rank, and let the more skilled players advance. Naturally, you still do have some instances where a low ranked player kicks a higher ranked players butt, however, from my experience (I've played both games significantly) it happens WAY less in Halo than COD.

    That being said, if you play MW2 without comparing it to Halo, then it's an awesome game none the less.
  6. Mihael_langley

    Mihael_langley Formerly "Maikeru"

    That is one aspect that completely ruins a Multiplayer for me. I hate games that rank you down for having a bad match which doesn't mean you're not skilled, maybe its just not your day, and you loose all your work. In MGS4 that happened all the time, and it was very annoying, a game is just a game, not a career and i certainly don't make any income out of it for it to ask so much of me.

    In Mw2 you rank up by collecting accolades that reflet your game style, the amount of MVP you collect, the weapon challenges, the kill challenges, the missions succeeded, Plus there is so many things to unlock it would be unreasonable to punish players with Downgrades, feeling like they are running towards an impossible goal. 10 prestige levels is a lot.
  7. Smelnick

    Smelnick Creeping On You V.I.P.

    I'm not saying that either one is bad or good. mw2's system is a lot of fun and enjoyable, but naturally there's drawbacks. It may be fun to not lose rank, but it's not fun to get assraped in a match simply because you got matched up with people close to your level according to the game, but they are way better and simply haven't gotten higher in level yet. Granted, it doesn't happen every match and so I'm able to live with it =P
  8. Mihael_langley

    Mihael_langley Formerly "Maikeru"

    Well many of those good players with small ranks are actually CoD4 veterans =p
  9. icegoat63

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    You know whats funny, it seems like the "No Skill To Rank Up" is the top complaint with COD games. Kinda makes me wonder though.... If Infinity Ward were to flat out copy the Halo Scheme for Ranking up... would people still complain? My guess is yes, because now the complaint would be "Its just Halo in a Real to Life Environment, what a Knock Off" :hah:

    I have no quarrels with the Ranking system. Wanna know who has skill... Take the total skill and divide it by the time played, that'll give you your points per hour. Obviously those who play with higher skill will have a higher PPH. I had to choke up my pride yesterday 'cause I had to face the music and realize my lil' Bro is better than I am at this fuggin game. He's got like 1,000 more pph than I do.

    Why does this not surprise me? :hah:
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  10. Swiftstrike

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    I fail to see your argument since none of my complaints aside from 5 kinda would be compatible with Halo 3

    1.) You can enter xbox live chats when playing ranked team slayer in Halo 3
    2.) The matchmaking system in Halo for Ranked games is skill based.
    3.) Halo 3 has several challenging multiplayer achievements where COD has...none but I can see that getting the perks and medals are still similar system.
    4.) In Halo 3 everyone starts the match with the same guns. There is no perk or attachment system.
    5) Sometimes Halo 3 does feel like a clusterfuck at times at the lower levels. At the level I play at games are pragmatic and well planned. People don't just run around without purpose. I rarely felt that way while playing CoD but its because the skills between players were so different.
    6.) Radar is very accurate in Halo 3. Creeping or standing will allow you to escape detection.In COD you first have to get radar by a killing spree, and it only detects people while they are shooting. That is if they don't have silencers or cold-blood perks. Which means its incredibly unreliable.

    So my only complaint that is compatible with Halo 3 is five at a certain level.

    To Ice:

    I actually would prefer a skill based ranking system. I have never been a fan of experience based ranking systems. Gears of War also has a similar system which I found frequently getting mismatched often.

    I don't think if the game had the similar ranking system as Halo would people think it was a knock-off. The gameplay between the two games is different enough that a skill based ranking system would not be comparable to Halo's.
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