Recent/Upcoming Concerts



I think it would be cool to have a thread discussing recent or upcoming concerts you have attended/plan to attend and whether you enjoyed it or not. I think making albums and playing live are two totally different creatures. Some people make killer albums but just can't quite cut it live, while some people may not make the best albums, but live they are about as fun/intense as it gets
I guess you could also speak of what concerts/bands were your favorites.

Last weekend I went to see The Black Keys live. This was by far the best concert I have ever seen. I think their body of work is great but they sound even better live. They energy they brought (it's just a guitarist and drummer) to the stage was fucking amazing. It also helped that I was about 4 feet away from the stage. Next week I'm going to see Regina Spektor (im going for a chick), she actually should be interesting to see.

Anyway, feel free to discuss concerts and bands and such. I have some picks and short vids from the concert but I won't take the time to post them if no one really cares about this topic...


A Darker Knight
I've never been to a concert yet, but I have watched some live performances on the internet and such. Since I like mostly rock, I'm afraid half of those people can't sing, so I'll stick with the albums.
A month or two ago I went to the Download Festival 2006, at the Shoreline, which had Beck, Muse, The Shins, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs... it was pretty awesome. The Shins are definitely better on the album, their style of music just doesn't have much of a stage presence. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were uh... loud and screechy... I don't like them much. Muse rocked really really hard and was an incredible stage performance, and Beck was also really good and had puppets and stuff. Very fun concert overall, and got tons of free shirts and things.


oxy. I definetly understand. Half of the rock singers out there can't sing at all. My best advice is to find a band you really enjoy that isn't big time. Go seem them at a smaller venue and then you will know what you are looking for. I guess if you aren't that much into music, then live music probably just won't be your thing, but if you do have any sort of passion for the music you listen to, you should definetly go out and listen to some live music.
Senator, when reading the bands you saw I knew right away Muse would be awesome and Beck would have some sort of interesting entertainment value. I haven't gotten into Muse that much even though i do enjoy their cd's every once in a while. Perhaps I'll have to pay attention to them more.