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Recent Move


New Member
I recently moved to a new city with my boyfriend we moved because of his job as what he does is unusual so there are only a few places he can work. However I had to leave my job before getting commission for a really big sale and had to drop out of my training course just before finishing it I had to leave all my friends and I had to move within the space of 2 weeks we had 1 day to decide where to live. My boyfriend seems to be happier as he is nearer to his home town but I hate it. I have 1 friend here and she seems to love it but I don't understand it because I am really into sports I live near a sports centre but there are no classes to attend there are literally no open spaces my flat has major parking problems my car insurance cost 3 times as much here and although i used to really dislike driving down country lanes the city traffic is driving me mad it takes hours to get anywhere. Its really getting me down and my boyfriend has noticed but I cant tell him why I'm unhappy because it will upset him that he got me to move here. I don't know what to tell him because he is on about buying a house here and I really don't want to be here long term, how can I explain to him without upsetting him? Any ideas?