Rebound Dating Experiences

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  1. ysabel

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    Rebound relationship is the one that begins shortly following the break up of a significant romantic relationship. The rebound girl/guy is the one you get into a relationship with, while you're still on the rebound (period).

    So have you ever been in one? Were you the rebound girl/guy or were you the one who dated while on the rebound? How did it go? :popcorn:

    I went out with a guy who recently broke up with his girlfriend. The ex-gf was still a bit attached to him. They've been together for years. I can see that he also felt guilty whenever he hears she was still miserable while he has (supposedly) moved on, being with a new girl (me).

    Apart from that, it was a good relationship at first. But after a few months I can still feel his emotional baggage from the previous relationship and we broke up. I wasn't surprised when soon after that, they got together again but this time the ex-gf-turned-now-gf was wondering if she's the rebound girl now (and he had to assure her, she wasn't). :hah: Let's just say both of them was still not over the whole bizarre love triangle even after a year when I had met someone else. When they heard I was going to get married, they called me to talk about the past hoping to cure both of them or their paranoiac feelings. I told them they're a perfect match and just forget about me. My husband (then, my fiancé) had to call them and threaten to file harassment charges before they stopped calling.

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    Well It has happened to me a couple of times now;

    Recently i Went out with this girl i knew from school for like 3 years ago, back then we used to chat alot on msn and in school, we really connected but always on the friendship zone because she was after this boy she liked.
    One day she got him, and we stoped talking, it was weird actually.

    Now, 3 years past that episode we started chatting again, and we had a good vibe, we picked up the conversation right where we left it so we set a date, a real date.
    She met me at work and we went for a walk on the beach, we talked most of the time it was going really nice, till she tells me that she still likes her ex, and it was a mistake to split up- at that point i tell her she needs to leave, and escorted her to the Taxi.

    I was really a slap on the face
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  3. ysabel

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    Haha, that was cut short. Did she call you again? Like, you know, in case she decided that her split up with her ex was not a mistake after all. :lol: At least my guy was more discreet. He didn't talk about his ex that way but I can still sense it though.
  4. Mihael_langley

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    Yeah she called back, and shes not with him now... but thinks arent what it used to be.

    We moved on =P

    I laughed at your story's last line. He ha

    He had to call them, they clearly had some complex issues
  5. Oooh_snap

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    I was the rebound girl in this relationship, but I had no clue at the time that him and his ex had just broken up before that.... It ruined a lot of things because as time went on I began to realize that he was in no way over his ex.. he would compare me to her all the time and it ruined things. I don't know why we ever stuck together cause it has affected things drastically.

    I would never date someone else until I was completely over my ex.. it just isn't right to do to someone. d
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  6. Cait

    Cait Oh, poppycock.

    I was the rebound girl this summer actually. He had just broken up with a girl after about two years. I liked him since him and her started going out but she was my friend so I didn't say anything then. Once we started going out, he called me literally 20 times an hour. I went to warped tour and told him not to call me since i couldn't answer. He still called me 43 times in that about 5 hours or so I was gone. I remember because my friend I went with and I counted my missed calls.. He left 10 voicemails.

    To cut a long story short, he ended up showing up at my house while I was out asking my parents where I was and stuff. I broke up with him after that.

    Now, I don't know if the obsessiveness was because he was previously in a serious relationship or he was All I know is I've had some rough times with this guy since then.
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  7. ysabel

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    @Cait: Was he like that with your friend or did he just become obsessive after his breakup with your friend?

    I think that's easier for me because I'm usually over my ex even before we break up (and that's why we break up). :lol: However I've had a relationship where there was no closure at all. I didn't really go out with anyone for several years because I kept comparing all the guys to him and waiting for the closure to happen.
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    I've picked up a few girls at the bar after getting dumped, they were pretty much girls that I didnt really want to go out with, just have a good time. I was on the rebound, and I feel bad that those girls had to go trough that. But I never told them they were just girls that I wanted to fool around with because I just broke up with my girl friend. I'd say the longest one was probably two weeks, of just fooling around and such.
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  9. Impact

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    I've done both.

    My experience of being the rebound girl wasn't so bad. I was only after some fun anyway, so it worked out well for both of us. He was a guy I knew through a friend, and his mates bought him along for drinks at mine to take his mind of things. One thing led to another, and we fooled around for afew weeks and that was that.

    I've dated on the rebound afew times too. I've never told the guy/s it was just to help me get over the now ex. I don't see how it's necessarily a bad thing. The first few weeks should never be serious IMO, well even the first few months.
  10. EndWinterRomance

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    uh i'm kind of in this situation now except we're both kind of on the rebound from ex's of long relationships (his was 3 years mine was 4) where the now ex had cheated. It's complicated for a lot of other reasons but we openly talk about it if either of us thinks about the ex, but it doesn't happen very often. this guy has shown me i'm over my ex's bullshit and his friends have told me he had been depressed for the last month or so but whenever i show up he doesn't seem to be sad anymore so thats nice. we'll see where it goes.

    i think rebound relationships can be healthy if you're honest about it with yourself and the other person. you never know maybe them being the shoulder to cry on will make a sturdy foundation for a relationship

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