Reasons Why Lakers Are Losing To Teams Rite Now



IMO, one of the reasons why the Lakers are losing games rite now is because, PJax is not letting Kobe be Kobe. he needs to let Kobe be himself, now i dont mean gun but let him score more points and get his team involved also.....he's getting too caught up with get his team involved and forgetting about himself.

another thing i noticed is that the fear in the eyes of Kobe's defenders when they're thinking about his next move is not there anymore....they know that once he gets the ball he's gonna pass it....he lets them dictate the type of defense that's gonna be played

another thing is that Phil is not maximizing the potential of the squad of this team, he needs to let bench people like Farmar, Turiaf, Radmanovic start games more often; he just needs to shuffle the lineup and play them until the first timeout and make evaluations on how the starting line up is playing and make a decision whether to keep playing them or bring in some new people

counting the loss to Indiana yesterday, the Lakers have had 11 potential Ws that would have put them in 2nd/3rd place in the standings if they won a large % of those games. the team also has no mental toughness; for some reason, they scared to play defense