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Reasons to Write Music


Creeping On You
(CFHK FM) 103.1 Fresh FM | A Letter From Fred

“A short documentary telling a poignant story of life, love and music.”

If there is a video you’re going to watch over the weekend, this is it.

An elderly man named Fred submitted a letter to a singer songwriter contest (even though the contest asked for a YouTube upload). This letter included a song he had written for his recently deceased wife titled “Oh Sweet Loraine”.

Also in the letter, Fred made it clear that he couldn’t sing or play any musical instruments. Fred had accepted the fact that he may not get any response from the contest but little to his surprise…Fred heard back. You’re never going to believe what this music company did for him.

Warning: you might need a tissue for this one.

If ever there were a list compiled of the reasons music was created, this man and his song to his deceased wife should be at the top. If not, very close at the least. This man's love for his wife is now forever immortalized.

Myself? I'm horrible at expressing myself through writing. Getting my points across is hard for me for some reason, and people often misunderstand me. However, I can write songs and suddenly the ideas come easy, I can share my ideas, my philosphies, my understandings of various things, through a medium that comes naturally to me, and I rather enjoy.

How about yourselves? What do you think of this song by Fred? What do you think about music creation in the first place. If you write music, what drives you to create it, what do you get out of it?


The Rock is cooking atm..
Just finished watching the video, and I'm not going to lie, it got me a fair bit emotional. The love he has for his wife is immeasurable. The song turned out beautifully done as well, I dig it and would definitely download it. Loved the simplicity of the chords as well, just 4 open chords, yet it couldn't have been done any better! Beautiful melody, quite infectious.

I too, write songs as well. I have this habit of half writing songs, and find myself writing "hooks" and "choruses" than anything, I've only ever fully completed a song, and that was a couple years ago. As for writing methods? I tend to just write how I feel, but wouldn't say I'm creative about it. If your feelings are true, than you write as it is, as it was meant to be :) My songs are quite lovey dovey, which just shows my love for "Love Ballad" type music.

Here's my song I wrote, sung with my sister, don't mind my baby sis crying in the beginning lol.

My Story by Sione Siaki ft Ekileti - YouTube