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Reasons to stay/leave GF


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*dramatic music*

Erm - Chances are for regular members the thought of leaving doesn't enter one's mind, although maybe I'm wrong.
Perhaps for newer folk it does, yet once again, maybe I'm wrong.

Yet - If you had to weigh up pros and cons for staying and leaving GF - respectively. What would they be? --- No matter how minute, or gargantuan the reason may be.

Do your pros outweigh your cons, or vice versa? -
Open Discussion.

So - Simply leave your pros and cons regarding GF membership, and assess what you reckon to your 'tenure'.


I haven't thought about leaving GF once. There's an enormous load of entertainment to keep me hooked. It's not often I get to spout tripe so openly about film and music and books and whatnot, so I really like it, not to mention a fair few members that really make the place vastly interesting - Perhaps I may get the VIP thing some time.

As far as pros and cons go the pros vastly outweigh the cons:

Knobheads on the forum

Interesting people on the forum
Excellent source of entertainment
New exercises garnered (poker/drafts etc)
General funniness
Alleviation of boredom any time of the day
Awesome moderation process
Reliable PM system, with helpful PMers
Arcade games
etc etc etc

For others this may not be the case - I would like to know.
Anyway - It's your turn - Yeah, You!

P.S - Don't know where this belongs on the forum. - Cons - I'm too useless to categorise stuff, but that's me.


Embrace the Suck
I really like the Arcade games and some of the discussion here but as a regular member the thought has entered my mind very much lately. If you look at my post count and my recent activity you'll see me posting less and less. I guess I'm trying to wean myself off of here eventually.


still nobody's bitch
Knobheads come and go. (heh heh). Both my interest and the quality of threads go up and down, but I stay because my friends are here.


aka ginger warlock
Maybe it is just the areas I stick to don't get many knobheads but I haven't really seen many about, at least not nearly in comparison to other forums I could mention.

As for the original question, at the moment I am very much enjoying being a part of General Forum and can't see myself leaving any time soon, all the people I have replied and spoken to here seem friendly and always have something good to say.


I have never ever thought about leaving GF. And I hope I never have to.
I'd say there are only pros and hardly and cons. The only cons is that it takes up a lot of my spare time. When I have some, the only thing I think about is logging in here. I hardly have time to navigate to any other webpage because GF is keeping me here non-stop.
Also, one of the reasons that I go late to work is because of GF. I never leave home without reading the new topics or without replying to the old ones.

As for pros, there are many.
Variety of topics, special community and people, different rules and strict ones which make this forum worthy of my time.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am not sure what it would take for me to leave General Forum. I think it would have to be if something would happen in my personal life or maybe I just don't have time for it any longer. I could have said the same thing about another website I used to frequent but I barely go back there anymore because of the relationships I've experienced here.

I love the strict rules and I love being a moderator. I love the perk of chat, blogs, and the arcade; among other things. At the end of the day it's all about the people.

I can't find many cons.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
- The people. Even the ones I'm not really friends with or don't get along with, it's great to have a variety of personalities and opinions.
- Friends. I've made several good friends here, and while I can communicate with them away from the forum, it's still fun being a part of the forum with them.
- Being a mod. It's not always fun, but I enjoy doing my part to help the forum. Like Millz said, I like our strict rules. I think it keeps the post quality higher than most other forums.
- Chat. I've had so many great times in there.
- I learn a lot from reading some of the threads. I don't really pay much attention to the news, so I hear about a lot of things first here.

- I feel I could be spending my time on more productive things.
- A lot of features still need fixing, but hopefully that's happening soon.

As you can see, the pros definitely outweigh the cons by a considerable margin.


not a plastic bag
I've left a few times and surely will again. To me its all about time. 1 hour/day on GF doesn't seem like much, but in reality is an incredible amount of time.
  1. At $15/hour, that's $105/week if I used that time for a part time job.
  2. If I devoted that amount of time to studying something new, I could easily get enough knowledge to be certified in various studies that I could use to better my life.
  3. There are several side businesses that I have wanted to start and I could be humming in a month with that time.

Don't get me wrong, GF is fun and there are a lot of people here I really enjoy. There also is a place for GF in moderation. Its just RL is calling and I've always got to be on guard to find the correct balance.

The times that I've left GF have always been at the peak of my posting. I wake up one day and say Holy crud! I've made 200 post in the last month! Then I change my password to sdsdfffdsfgg455445brgfgf and vow never to return.............................And then a few weeks or months later, I email Hybrix and tell him what I did and ask him to please reset my password. lol.
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'll only leave GF if I really need too. I've been a big part of the reason why GF is so big today. Started it all from scratch with FC then the merge came and started to work my butt off for GF. I don't want to make myself look better than anyone, but I do feel I helped built a great community here at GF.

Also like Millz and Echoes mentioned, the strict rules are awesome. I've been on over 100 forums before and the quality of the messages are much better than other places I've been.


Creeping On You
Honestly, the only con's I know are the glitch issues, and the occasional person who tries to cause issues. And even then, they don't bother me as much as the moods they cause in the people. (Then there's cons, but he's merc now. You should add an H to your name, and then you'd be merch and people'd be able to buy you)

I think the biggest pro of this forum is the Subtalk section. I don't think I would have gotten as hooked with this place it hadn't been for subtalk. With nowhere to expell my brain junk, it would have spilled into other sections of the forum and I probably would have just pissed a lot of people off when I first joined and been driven away lol. Considering the fact that I have almost twice as many posts in subtalk as I do in other sections, lol.

Its definitely nice having a place on the internet to escape my life for a short time everynight, where most of the people are glad to see me :D Outside of the llama days, its a great stress relief to pump out some gibberish in subtalk, form some coherent ideas in MD. Also, most of you guys here on GF have as abnormal lives as I do. So I don't feel lowly :D
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