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Discussion in 'NBA' started by TheSportsGuy, Jan 18, 2007.

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    I won't throw names (I've done enough in the past) but to me, the Spurs should make trades for:

    - A backup PG: It's not a high priority given that Parker can play 40mpg in playoffs but Beno/Udrih have been bad this year. I don't think Spurs should give a lot (like a first round pick) or trade for a player with a big contract but if a cheap player is available, they should try to get one.

    - An athletic SF: there are two possibilities :keeping Barry/Finley and geting a 5th swingman that will only play against dominant strong SF or trading Finley or Barry. Given Spurs troubles, I'm more for the big change and try to get a player like Maggette over a 5th swingman like Khryapa.

    - A better PF: Spurs frontcourt was too slow last year. Duncan at C is the best solution in the "new" nba. Elson and Bonner have fasten Spurs' frontcourt but is it enough : Bonner is limited and injured, Has Elson enough BBIQ to play good team defense?

    - A big stiff: With Rasho gone, Spurs haven't anymore a big body to throw against Yao/Shaq. It's not a big need but if Spurs should find a cheap player to do that.

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