Reason to dislike a job

There are so many reason to dislike a job. I am a student working in renowned company. But I don't like this job.

Firstly the main reason is INTEREST. Yeah, personally I don't want to do this job.

Secondly the behavior of BOSS. No doubt I am very lucky to have a such a nice Boss. Yeah he used to speak very loudly, But he is very kind. As like other's boss he also wants the response what we did thats it.

Last is behavior of colleagues, How they deal with you. Yes, most of the time we have to spend with them not with other Senior members or u can say family members. Lets say If you are a jolly kind of girl and all other colleagues are boring, egoist, then all the new comers cant adjust with them easily. Same case is mine. I am just fed up from all this :mad:
My first reason to dislike job (btw now I really hate it)
is because of my boss
I'm always under pressure, and often this happens because of his mood and health..
he is not young and living with his mom for all his life....


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I'm so fortunate. I love my job and my coworkers, the school staff and the children. The only thing I hate about it is that I don't get paid much at all.

I actually gave up a better paying job because I was bored at work and just couldn't stand the power struggle the other secretary seemed to be having because of my presence. She made every day a living hell for me. (which is strange, because prior to meeting her I'd never met anyone I couldn't get along with.)