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Ok, this is for all of you people who jumped on the band wagon to help little Qullian get his portable nebulizer and promised to send out a box to our winning bidder. She has contacted me and was suppose to of gotten at least 23 boxes and envelops, well she has only recieved 9!! Which means I AM going to get to figure out some way to send her the other 14 boxes!!

If you promised to send a box OR know of someone who promised to send one that is no longer on AS PLEASE PLEASE get hold of them and see if they will send their box out!!


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Thanks Lana, I feel bad because she did her part and I feel like I have failed her. I told her to give me three weeks and let me know if she gets anything else between now and then. I am gonna try my best to make up the boxes she didn't get. I KNOW of two for sure she didn't get.......wont name them on here, but I have not seen them on in a long time.

UGH! I can't get in my pm's to get her addy. I will have to ask her for it again.
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Msbabedoll said:
UGH! I can't get in my pm's to get her addy. I will have to ask her for it again.
That's because a few people had to act like little children and we don't get to PM each other anymore. Hope I don't lose all my PM's there were some phone numbers in there I needed to save.

AND, you shouldn't have to make up all the boxes yourself. It's not your responsibility because of someone else's inaction and the fact you were kind enough to list it under YOUR user ID.

SHAME on those that didn't send their boxes.

if you need to contact me personally, you can do so by [email protected]
Do you still have the list of people who contributed? How awful that someone won this auction, waited VERY patiently to get everything, and has yet to receive even half of the boxes! What is wrong with you deadbeats???? This is going to affect our friend Jennifer, NOT YOU! If yu said you were sending one, then send it!
List the names Jenn! I know she received mine. Let's figure out together who still hasn't done what they said they would, then we'll find a way to make it better!


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Lana, I really appreciate you wanting to help. I am way to trusting I guess. I know who sent theirs and who didn't. There are a few on here who dont come on here anymore (least I never see them) and they are the ones who have not sent theirs in. Still though I didn't realize that totaled 14 people! Whew! I just feel bad for that lady. Her hubby wasn't to keen on the idea that she spent 600 bucks on something she had no idea what it was..........I can only imagine the told you so's she is getting from him!! :-O

I will is there a list on here somewhere that i pasted on here of the ones I had written down? I dont have the list here, its at work.
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In scrapbook swaps, we list all the names of the participants and whose boxes have been received and not.
I say state the facts, list the names, and put received or not received next to it. Who knows, there might be someone that mailed it and it's been lost in the mail, they may think she already got it.



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Hi jen sorry to hear this disappointment..........hopefully they will send something. if not let me know and I will send something as well that isn't fair that you have to make up the 14 boxes... nani


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1 ares 1 sent
Anglespeak sent
Bethany ?
bunny sent
djebay ?
doubles2004 sent
Ernie ?
greenhappykat ? not sure
Kate ?
Kennono7 ?
kromsales Sent
Kyrie ?
Marys454BB Sent
mom of sixoxo I believe she said she sent hers
msbabedoll Sent
nanner Sent
Nightsurfers Sent
precision ?
smallestgummi ?
Teena ? Think she said she sent hers
Tgirl Sent
wolvergambit Sent

That is 11 said they sent


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Well I agree post it ..I know Mine was delivered I just checked again .At least It says It was. And Jen If You need me to send more let me know.