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I've had reality questioned by multiple people I've debated with. They've asked a few questions, and now I will attempt to answer them so that people here may have "Food for Thought".

Q: Do you have any evidence that reality exists?

A: Evidence is a concept that lies within the concept of reality; in essence, evidence only applies when reality is in effect. Asking if I have evidence of reality is impossible; evidence is inside of reality, not outside.

Q: Isn't it illogical to accept reality with no evidence?

A: Logic, like evidence, lies within reality. It's the deductive reasoning that relates a mover to the object being moved, and so on. Logic doesn't apply outside of reality, and the only way to question something is to mentally look at it, and to look at something you have to be outside of it, no?

Q: Prove that reality exists.

A: The concept of proof is that something is recognized by logic to be real. Logic is a subset of reality, therefore, you can't question reality with logic.

Basically, different questions, same answers. Main point: You can't question reality with concepts of reality.

Further explanation:

Reality is the set of all things real, and in order for things to be real, they have to have evidencial, logical proof. If it has neither, then it lies outside of reality, meaning, it's not real. In essence, there are any number of illogical things that can be thought up, but everything illogical lies outside of reality, meaning, it's not real.


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It's real if it hurts in the morning.

As in whether or not anything is "real" or not can be taken to be irrelevant, it's the consequences that make anything matter.

The "is anything real" debate dosn't really matter when you run out into a road and get hit by a car. You can repeat that it isn't real all you like but it's going to hurt and you're going to be in crutches (real or not) for a while.