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Sally Twit
If you could be on any reality TV show, which would you pick and why?

I'd go for Big Brother. I figure I'd only last about a week so I wouldn't have to face all the shitty tasks and the arguing. I can imagine myself being the quiet person that nobody notices but I'd be watching everyone from the sidelines. It would be an interesting experience but I think I would hate it for the most part. I would enjoy the insane feeling of knowing you're being watched 24/7 but would also be very aware of the cameras.


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Probably Star Academy because of the artistic disciplines being taught in the boarding school angle. And it's cool to have a chance to sing with big stars once a week.

The show I'd like least is the Ile de Tentation (probably same format as your Temptation Island). I don't want to be stuck with flirting males (or my partner with flirting females) just to "test" our relationship.


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I'd do America's Next Top Model, cause what girl hasn't at least thought about being a famous super model?
The Mole for me. Whether I'm the Mole or not, I believe I can play a good role and would make for a suspicious fellow. :stir:
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I'd love to be on either Survivor or The Amazing Race. Survivor would be cool because I'd be living outdoors and trying to outsmart the other players. Plus I think I would be really good at most of the challenges. The Amazing Race would be fun, getting to travel all over the world.