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Ok.............. I guess I thoughtthis would be a good topic to bring up. lol Personally, I think these shows have really gotten out of hand. I just don't know wtf who ..................... well I guess that's explanation enough. lol The only reality show I actually still watch is Cheaters which I find to be pretty funny at times. Plus, you have a chance to see how stupid teh excuses get. Lmao.


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The first Mole was awesome, I loved it. The Amazing Race was pretty good, but for the most part it is a dead and overdone genre. It just proves that people thrive on the failures of others. Look at the popularity of Springer and Maury, they constantly show us people who have problems that far exceed our own.


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Well Reality TV shows are stupid, they have way to much these days. And for Springer and Maury, it's all set up, it's not real, it's just to entertain people, there mostly all actors.


i love reality shoes! it could get really funny to watch people start drama out of nothing. you have got to admint, it is entertaining.
anyone hear about this thing Flava of Love. Women compete to become excepted by this old rapper Flava Flav'. The man walks around w/ a giant clock around his neck daily, and doesn't posses any quoth, yet women throw themselves at his feet.
I think reality TV is getting played out.

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Reality TV is just pointless drivel, Rescue 911 was the only real reality show that was actually good. Then MTV had to start churning out the pointless drivel such as the "Real World," which in turn caused other networks to do the same.


I never really got into Reality Shows. I watched the first time they showed Survivor and then every now and then American Idol. Would Fear Factor be in this category(I watched it once and it was interesting). Once I watched a show where famous people tried loosing weight(vh1 I believe).


Ok, I was just checking, it was kind of interesting what they had to go through. There was this one test with them having to stick their head in some box filled with rats while they had to sort out brown and white one's into separate containers in a certain amount of time. I don't remember much of the other trials but they were definetly things I wouldn't dare go through.