Realistically, What player do you guys want your teams to draft with their picks

Discussion in 'NBA' started by preludepunk27, May 25, 2006.

  1. Ok just state the team you follow, the picks they got, and the players you realistically think they could draft their. I'm a Nets fan so obviously i'm not gonna be like "Aldridge or Bust".

    Nets got the 22 and 23 pick in the draft. We need a PF/C and a PG or SG

    The Top guys I want in no particular order:

    Jordan Farmar: UCLA (reminds me of Jason Kidd when he was in college)
    Alexander Johnson: FSU (K-Mart-esque)
    Quincy Douby: Rutgers (guy never misses, led Big East in scoring)
    Aaron Gray: Pitt (good but wish he was a little better)
    Paul Milsap: Louisianna Tech (A Beast but maybe undersized for the NBA)
    Leon Powe: Cal (Beast of a player but has Knee Problems)

    Second Round I'd like to look at Ryan Hollins (PF/C UCLA), Paul Davis (PF Mich. St.), Gerry McNamarra (PG SU...even though I don't like him, I wouldn't mind him as a Net...reminds me of Kidd but can shoot better)

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    Well I am a Raptors fan and we do have the number 1 pick so Aldridge is realistic. The Raptors have many needs at the point guard position and the shooting guard position and the Center position.

    These are the players that I would love to have not in particular order

    Rudy Gay: From Uconn: The guy can do everything and he has tremoundous upside
    Adam Morrision: From Gonzaga: Scoring Machine but not the best athelete and defender
    LaMarcus Aldridge: Texas: We do need a center and he would be an awesome addition to the team
    Andrea Bargnani: Italy: Huge upside, compared to Dirk

    In the secound round I would love to have Guillermo Diaz out of Miami Florida the guy has a 45 inch vertical leap and he's 6"3 he's a proven scorer in the College level, but still needs to work on is game.
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    Re: Realistically, What player do you guys want your teams to draft with their p

    The Heat dont really have any drafting necessities anyway. They still have Dorell Wright as their "draft pick."

    Anyway to the Raptors, I agree with Vince Carter that the bigman situation is in the most need of an upgrade. Aldridge will bring toughness and ruggedness to the table if he plays for the Raptors. Rebounding is pretty key, and he can really bring that sort of help. I hope the Raptors select him.

    @ Vince Carter
    I never would select Morrison with the first pick
    Adam Morrison, sure he can shoot, but he just doesnt exactly fit in the Raptors' roster or their offense. What is he going to play shooting guard? The Raptors already are not very athletic as it is. Morris Peterson actually decided to start moving with the ball before he shoots this year. The Raptors would be better suited with a swingman (who is somewhat athletic) who could shift between guard and foward when necessary.

    My fallback option if Aldridge by random becomes very ill and his career is no longer an option would be Rudy Gay. Especially if Mike James decides to leave, which it looks like, he will be their next generation point guard. Rudy has impressive court vision, and is pretty unselfish when he plays. He can put the ball in the hoop when needed, which is something the Raptors will always cherish.

    Again I say address the frontcourt first.
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    Yeah we've been having front court trouble for a very long time, and now we have to key pieces in CB4 and CV31. If we pick Aldridge I think he would be a good addition at the center position. Also I think Rudy Gay would help us a lot as well he's multi talented and he can play very good defense as well.

    Now on Dorell Wright I heard a lot of good things about him, supposely he's very good, and he has huge upside, he never really atarted to play basketball till he was in tenth grade I believe and he's been dominating the game ever since. When are the Heat going to use him?
  5. Re: Realistically, What player do you guys want your teams to draft with their p

    I think Lamarcus Aldridge would prolly be your best bet at the #1 pick honestly. Lamond Murray and Antonio Davis's contract come off the books this post season. Sign Bosh long term with the Antonio's money, then you'll have actually like 10-15 mill this summer to work with (assuming Mike James, Eric Williams, and Alvin Williams leave).

    This would be your players under contract going into free agency:

    Mo Pete
    Charlie V
    Joey Graham
    1st Rounder
    2nd Rounder

    Now the free agent market is weak Star-wise, but if with 4 of your starting 5 set up (Aldridge/Bosh/Charlie V/Mo Pete), There are some talent players that can fill the roles for fairly cheap. You're not gonna become an Atlantic Division contender overnight but you guys will have a fairly decent team.
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    Yes people are all saying that Aldridge would be a good fit for us, and now I am starting to change my opinions after hearing all the arguments, yes Aldridge would be a good player to add, and out front court would be scary Chris Bosh, Charlie Villanueva and maybe Aldridge. Now I think that Aldridge would be ready to start in the NBA, because I am sure he's already better then Woods and Araujo.
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  8. Re: Realistically, What player do you guys want your teams to draft with their p

    No needs? How bout a PG? You got one with bed knees (Williams) and one who will prolly retire at the end of the season.

    If you move Wade to the point...then you need a SG cause Derek Anderson is good but same situation. Gotta go younger there.

    Hopefully Simien is progressing nicely to take some time next year cause posey and walker can get streaky.

    I could see you guys drafting a Center or PG honestly. After Mourning, you guys don't really have anyone who plays the C position consistantly. Shaq's minutes are going down ever year so it is prolly the best. 2nd option is draft a PG who is pass-first. You got your shooter PG in Williams. Now you need one to be efficient in his execution. 3rd option is go for a pure SG to play when Wade is at the 1.

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