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PC Games Real Time Strategy Games


Registered Member
Who here has an enjoyment for RTS's? I seen some people drooling all over Civ, but have you played any others?

Age of Empires is probably one of my favorites, but with Civ falling close in 2nd.

What others have you played and enjoyed?

Others I've played include Empire Earth, Rise of Nations and The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth.


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Warcraft III is amazing, but most people here probably already knew that I thought that. (I always clarify that I hate World of Warcraft so people don't get the two confused)

In 1995 Cavedog released a game called Total Annihilation, it had 2 expansions. To put it simply I really wish that this game worked with Windows 7 (for some reasons the expansions cause it to not work), it's a really awesome game, I'd say that I've probably played this game more than any other game out there, it's really great.

The 90's were good for RTS games, Starcraft (the original) was released in that time as well.

Age of Empires was cool too, not as cool as any of the 3 listed above though.


Formerly "Maikeru"
Im planning on getting starcraft 2 and Shogun 2: total war.

I also enjoy CnC3.


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How is CnC? I plan on gettin' StarCraft 1 just to see if I like it or not

I thought about trying Warcraft but I was iffy


Eye see what you did ther
After playing Starcraft 2, Starcraft 1 looks like complete crap. Warcraft III is amazing.


Endangered Species
Civ is not an RTS (its TBS);) so if thats the bench mark I have to go with Medieval2;Total war.

Im a fan of trading games as well; Patrician, Anno 1404, Ceasar are all good

Then you have your RTT's; C&C, World In Conflict, Supreme Commander I recommend


New Member
RTS games are awesome, second to FPS for me. My favourite would have to be Wc3, CnC and COH.