Real Mature Himeko


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I need some points. Hey Swift. Gimme ur points. I can overtake Kyo..


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I'm smiling from eye to eye right about now ^_^

Hey it's fair, Himie was my donator while Chinup was yours....don't see anything wrong with that now:p

Now you rule NOTHING, if it's still there like last night then your in third place now because of Kazzy's interest coming along lol

I can officially say:

Swift you have been DETRHRONED!!!


rainbow 11!

I didn't give her all of mine.

I still have like 47,000 points. I gave her like 800,000 of my points. lol

It kinda sucks that I'm not on the richest users list... But that's okay. ^^