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Real Life Superheroes or joke?


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Real Life Super Heroes on the Streets of SF - Local News - San Francisco Bay Area, CA - San Francisco, CA - msnbc.com

I read article today of these self proclaimed superheroes who walk the streets of some cities looking for injustices and stepping in to right them. They come complete with colorful costumes, unusual names and even secret weapons.

I wish to know your thoughts of this, is it a good idea? What would you do if you were to see a "real life superhero" in your streets? Or maybe you think these are only vigilantes looking for trouble?

I think I would maybe laugh to see someone dressed in superhero clothings walking down my streets.

I think most are only thrill seekers/vigilantes looking for a fight maybe.

I would think these people could manage to bring many law suits against themselves for there actions.


Embrace the Suck
I've read about this before. I think its pretty neat there are people out there even if what they do is help a homeless person find food and shelter for the night.


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Pretty neat idea, when doing it for the right reasons, when it comes to doing it for a thrill of an adrenalyn rush...im not sure it's the best thought someones have.
Seen KICKASS? ....the possibilities of things that could go wrong are endless.
I wont lie, if some random came jumping down and interrupting a confrontation between me and another person, dressed up in odd clothing, he may get a swift kick to the groin.. and thats probably the least trouble the ''self proclaimed super hero'' would get into. haha., either way though, its pretty cool :)


This has been going on for years and years now, all over the world. There are online communities full of people who talk about training, going on patrol, their costumes etc. I think it's cool, the more people doing good around the world the better. Some of them will be jokes of course, but some of them are just going around doing good deeds here and there when they can which is cool.