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Real life Robocop


aka ginger warlock
I am not sure how far along robotics is as such, how easily AI can be built and indeed what kind of robots can be made but one thing that science fiction has taught us is that if you put robots or cyborgs in charge it can cause problems and bad things to happen, normally when they start to think for themselves and make independent decisions.

There is a certain amount to be said for using cyborgs, if you could send them into a war or crime related scenario where emotion would not get in the way and technology permitting they could stand up to a lot of punishment.

If this was something that was possible would you feel happy with it being done? Would you be concerned that it could be manipulated or do you think it would be something that would work out well?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Drones are bad enough so I don't think I would want a army of robots going into villages and not seeing children any different than they would the enemy. Could you teach something that has no emotion or feelings to judge if someone should be killed or if they are surrendering or too hurt to be a threat.



After seeing the first two Terminators, yes, I would be concerned. Nothing good would come of it.


New Member
I wouldn't like it. Not only would it leave people without jobs, but it's extremely unreliable. They're too easy to tamper with, and they could screw up some evidence. There are a lot of other reasons, but I'm too tired :)


Sally Twit
Good point about jobs, Pixel. It's a hard enough getting a job these days, without adding robots in to the mix.
If it was just to prevent war then I'd be in favour of it. But with that said, I would feel like I was in some crazy dream if robots were just walking by me on the street.