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Movies "Real" Comic Book Heroes


A Darker Knight
Once a depiction veers towards realism, each new detail releases a torrent of questions that exposes the absurdity at the heart of the genre. The more ‘realistic’ superheroes become, the less believable they are. It’s a delicate balance but this much I know: superheroes are real when they’re drawn in ink.
This is a quote by David Mazzuchelli.

I just wanted to throw this out there because it really hit with what I like about superheroes so much and why I do. The quote seems a little counter-intuitive, but I think that's a part of why I'm able to just accept how things are despite criticizing media in other genres for not making sense or being too unrealistic.

Especially with the way comic movies are going nowadays, the idea is to make the heroes as "realistic" as possible so they can be more relatable or even be presentable on screen. I'm not against that at all. I think it almost has to be that way if we're talking about live-action movies. But even in supposedly realistic movies like Batman Begins, a comic hater can go in and really pick out parts that wouldn't happen in real life, but that's not the goal at all. I hope that people will keep in mind that sometimes the magic of comics is its outrageousness.


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I think what works best for me is when what happens isn't impossible - it's just really really really unlikely.

Is it impossible for Batman to be able to beat up multiple opponents? No, it's just kind of unlikely. And being able to do it over and over again is still technically not impossible - just less and less likely.