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Game Cube Ready set fight!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
So are there any Zoid fans out there..If so what is your favorite zoid? And why?
Me well there is only two I use and love to battle with.
Revraptor (ankel biter)
Blade Liger
Thei game is so much fun! I don't know where to begin with it.
So lets start with the fact the game learns and plays back.:-o That's right ..
It learns and combats your fighting style or lack of...No repetive moves here...
You can choose to battle the CPU or multiplayer it..
If you like the game custome robo then you will like this one..
And don't forget the GBA version of ther game either..
All in all this game rocks!!!
Let's see how many Zoids you can unlock.:D


Registered Member
I have yet to play a Zoids title... I almost picked up a Japanese imported one from Bookmans for about 15 bucks.

I absolutly loved Custom Robo, maybe Illhave to get myself a Zoids game and see how they are


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ahh.. looks like anime of some sort. I gave anime a chance a few times, and was pretty turned off.