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Reading posts in people's voices


I ♥ Haters
A certain Subtalk thread got me thinking. Do you ever read people's posts in their voices?

I always read the following GFers posts in their voices since I know what they sound like (either through chat, random voice clips or their YouTube videos):

- Iris
- Smelnick
- Nevyrmoore
- Merc
- EllyDicious
- Stegosaurus


rainbow 11!
I only do it for a few people. I have to hear their voice a lot for it to happen.

I do it for Morgan Freeman, Pam, and occasionally merc and danny. but I'd have to hear their voices before it kicks in.

I've been doing it more for dan lately since we keep chatting on voxer.


Registered Member
For GF, ysabel is the only one I've met IRL, and I haven't done much video chatting. I think I've heard Smel's voice enough to occasionally do that. It's been so long since I've heard either of their voices, it's pretty rare though.

For celebrities, there's a fair number. Morgain Freeman, Michael Caine, Johnny Depp, the Joker (both Heath Ledger's version and Mark Hamill's version), Bane (from TDKR), Samuel L Jackson, Yoda, Zoidberg, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny

Actually, there are too many celebs to list... :lol:
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yellow 4!
For some reason, peoples' voices don't stick very well in my mind. I've met quite a lot of GFers now so I've heard a fair few, but I never read posts in anyone's voice. I can imagine doing it for kayleigh and danny the most because they have quite distinctive voices to me, but even then, I don't really. :dunno:


still nobody's bitch
sometimes I read Kay's posts in her voice, but not usually anyone else whose voice I've heard. Sometimes Amy.

On fb it's a different story; I read most peoples' posts in their voice if it's someone I know pretty well outside of fb


Free Spirit
Staff member
Since I don't know what anyone on here sounds like no but I would if I did. I will when reading a mans post read it in a generic mans voice or the same with a woman.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I never read posts in peoples' voices for some reason...even my own. I'm guilty of that when reading a book, too, where I'm not imagining different voices from character to character. Don't ask me why, lol. It would be nice because I know a lot of members' voices here at GF.


Sally Twit
Not so much any more. When chat was popular and we spoke on the mic I would often do this, though. Mainly Danny, Elly, Kay, Lauren, Tucker and Kevin's mum.


I never read posts in people's voices although I know what some sound like (Amy, Danny, Dan, Merc, Reb) - from chatroom.

Seems like I have a neutral voice in my mind when going through all the posts here lol.