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Reading posts in other people's voices


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After spending over two weeks in France, I now read all of Ysabel's posts in her voice. If you've met another forum member, or heard their voice over chat, do you do the same thing?


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Totally. After talking to Elida in chat, I read all her posts in her voice. In my head that is, not out loud. That would be weird!


Where is my Queen?
The only person that I try to read with their voice on here is Danny's posts. After every sentence I like to put 'eh' at the end of it. lol. I don't know why but I do. I have heard other people's voices but I don't try to read it in their voice.


I ♥ Haters
The only people whose voices I have heard are Danny, Mark (Steg) and Kay. And yes, I always read their posts in their voices. It’s like having someone lecture to you, but in a good way.

Oh and I almost forgot Adam aka Storm aka Nevyrmore. His voice, I've heard as well, and I always hear it when I read his posts.


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I forgot about Danny. Yeah, I totally love his voice. It's such a friendly, unassuming voice, and I warmed to it straight away. His voice definitely goes through my head any time I read through his posts. Perhaps I should try reading Elida's posts in Danny's voice one day, and vice versa. That would be super weird!


Totally. After talking to Elida in chat, I read all her posts in her voice. In my head that is, not out loud. That would be weird!

You know what, Wade? I though this thread was weird but now I realize I do the same.
I didn't know I read Bliss'/Smelnick's/Eph's/ginock's posts in their voice ... until you created this thread.
At first, I was like "what is Wade talking about..." but apparently I do the same.

As for people whose voice I don't know, I just imagine how it would sound like lol.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
No, I do not ready people's in other voices. I've heard a lot of members voices in chat and when I read there post my voice still comes up. Maybe if I spent two weeks like you did with a member then that would be different though.


Sally Twit
Only Chris, Elly and Danny. That's because I speak to them the most and I hear them talk the most. And it's funny because the way they type is the same way they talk. They'll use a lot of the same words they would often say in chat.


still nobody's bitch
some people, yes definitely. Especially Kay, sometimes Amy and Belle.

Then there are people whose voices I've never heard and it just seems wrong that I haven't, like Lauren and Kee.


Haters gonna hate.
I haven't done any of that sort of thing, but I guess with these darn Canadians all over the place, I should be saying eh after every sentence, eh?

I just read them for the words they are, :lol:.