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Read Any Good Books Lately?


Registered Member
I have a TON of book auctions on right now! In addition...I also have:

Mr. Rogers & Mr. McFeely signed pictures

George Strait DVD

Collectible Salt & Pepper set

Set of 11 DISNEY Golf Balls (unfortunately 1 is missing :( )

Coney Island Hot Dog & Bun Steamer (works great too!)

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings Tic Tac Toe Game

And of course, a ton of books...like I said! Just check my other items to see all the books!


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iggyshotthebear said:
Fix your profile thingie to show your items :p
Hmmm...that's weird...I'm not having any problems viewing my auctions in my profile


Registered Member
I seem to be haveing problems with it every once in a while. Sometimes they show, sometimes they dont


Registered Member
I didn't see them when I looked, I had to go to one of your listed auction in here and then view all sellers items.


Registered Member
That's really odd...I'm still not having any problems...
I click on mine, I see my auctions...
I click on Iggy's, I see her auctions...
I click on Jen's, I see her auctions...
Same goes for Lana & alot of others on here...

Sounds weird, but I wish it WOULD give me problems so I can see what you guys are talking about!


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LOL well i just clicked on yours and it STILL doesn't give me your ebay stuff...........crazy puters!


Registered Member
Hmmm.. Well some work for me and some dont must be a glitch somewhere


what? no pink?
hmmm well I don't have any problems with it at all, accept sometimes it just takes a minute to load is all