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Re-writing History?


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Before I get into the post itself here is some background as to why I am bringing this up:

University tells students Britain 'invaded' Australia

A top Australian university has rejected claims it is trying to rewrite the nation's colonial history.

Students are being encouraged to use the term "invaded" rather than "settled" or "discovered", and avoid the word "Aborigines".

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Indigenous Terminology guide states that Australia was "invaded, occupied and colonised".

But UNSW says it does not mandate what language can and cannot be used.

"It uses a more appropriate, less appropriate format," a UNSW spokesperson said in a statement to the BBC.
"The guide suggests referring to Captain [James] Cook as the first Englishman to map the continent's East Coast is 'more appropriate' than referring to his 'discovery' of Australia."
Link: BBC News

Now whatever you think us Brits did in terms of going to a county and basically using it as a dumping ground for undesirable people (which lets be honest, we did) what do you think of the idea of changing this from "discovered" to "invaded"? In one way Australia was discovered history wise if you see it purely from the point of view of the British, we didn't know it was there and then we found it.

On the other hand Australia clearly was there, was known about as people lived there and would be within their rights to say "well hang on a second, we were here first, you just happened to locate us and decided to throw your weight around" which again, lets be honest, the British empire had a habit of doing.

But what is your take on this? Is it re-writing history or is it simply telling the truth?


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When I teach or read my kid history, I'm not going to use the word "discovered". People come out their mother's wombs and DISCOVER that there is already land around them. People don't go INTO a land and "discover" that land, especially when people of the former type are already there. Simple.