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SEGA Re-released


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link doesn't work.

but it makes sense. didn't the dreamcast do really well in japan?

well as cool as it may be, it's kind of late to re re-releasing the Dreamcast. the only games you'd find would be used.
That's weird, the address for the link is not what it's supposed to be. And I tested the link out after I posted the message. Try copying and pasting the link into your address bar.

Anyway, there was actually a new game called Radilgy released recently for the DC, which comes along with this $80 DC bundle.


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yeah link only works if you copy and paste, that's weird.

as for the DC, they change the color of the logo. it is now blue instead of red.

and was the game made just for the re-release? or was it in the works and got canned but decided to work on it again?

speaking of a game that got canned, Propeller Arena for the DC looked like a promising online fighter airplane game. within weeks of it's released, 9-11 happened. so they decided to take out all the towers/tall buildings in PA, and then after a while they just decided to can the whole game.
I don't think the game was made for just the re-release. The DC still gets like one new game a year, as weird as that may sound. This bundle thing really came out of nowhere.


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DC games don't cost much to make, the GDrom discs are quite cheap (is that whay they are called, it's G summat I think).

re releasing games shouldn't be a problem, as for making games still... I didn't know that :O It is still a great console though ^_^

Still technically part of this generation


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Not true. Check a link right under that story. It was a translation error. It's only refurbished Dreamcasts. Suck, don't it? Though I didn't think it would happen anyway. I mean, if a system's been canned, why go back to it? It obviously didn't do well enough.