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Hey, I'm Kate, short for Katharine. I joined a few months ago but I really didn't post, so i figured I'd re-introduce myself!

I'm in high school and loved my sophmore year and am scared to death to start my junior year.

As for intrests, I love art. I sculpt portraits, draw, act, sing, play guitar, make pottery on the wheel, etc.

I also love philosophy way too much and I love psychology even though I don't know much about it.

I'm more interested in politics than the average high school student, which isn't saying much, but I'm sure all of you will overwhelm me with your extensive knowledge of everything political XD.

Hmm... what else? I hate needles, heights, odd numbers, and overly-judgemental people.

I also really enjoy mission work. This summer I went to Honduras to do construction in a rural community and last summer I went to Ethiopia to work with a bunch of different organizations, from orphanages to feeding centers to one of Mother Theresa's Homes for the Destitute and Dying.

Random facts about me:
-I've eaten a fried fish head(it was part of a traditional dish from the Garifyna tribe in Honduras, some of my friends ate the eyes...).
-I don't laugh, I giggle.
-Occasionally and accidentally, I'll speak in a Canadian Accent, even though I've never been to Canada.
-The largest pet I've owned is a Guinea Pig.
-I've never had a fast food burger.
-I can crack the knuckle of my right thumb, but not my left.

I'll try to post more this time, I swear :).


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Welcome back to the forums, hopefully you'll stick around this time. We have great members and great discussions.

Enjoy yourself and I'll see you around the neighbourhood.