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Re-Introduction and Apology


For a Free Scotland
Yep, been a crazy time.


Hello hello,

It's Kazmarov. If you don't remember me,


I remember you but I don't think you remember me.

I'm just curious about something. Somewhere in the forum I read that you could be 'barbiegirl' ..in the sense that you pretended like you were her.

Is that true?


For a Free Scotland
No, I wasn't barbiegirl. She just said she was me when she got called on her troll bullshit.

Hi pugz! I remember you Elly. :)


Creeping On You
Sup Kaz! I never really knew you before the bullcrap that well. We rarely interacted. However, I played halo with you :p I'm glad you resolved your differences and that we let you back in. I hope you decide to post in MD, and don't worry, I think it'll boil your blood less than it did a year and a half ago. Well, I hope anyways haha.

Stay classy! Cheerz.
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