Movies Re-Imagining The Wizard of Oz


Sultan of Swat
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If you were to produce a whole new Wizard Of Oz, who would you cast and who would be your director? This is assuming a huge budget is put into it, and it will be if it ever is remade.

Tim Burton: Director
Ellen Page: Dorothy
Johnny Depp: Scarecrow
Matthew Broderick: Tin-Man
Nathan Lane: The Cowardly Lion
Auntie Em: Meryl Streep
The Wicked Witch: Glenn Close
The Good Witch: Hilary Swank
The Wizard: Danny DeVito

i would not want johnny depp as the scarecrow. i just have a feeling that he would be too... real, somehow.

Ellen Page as Dorothy would be brilliant, though :)


Sultan of Swat
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Remake of the movie, also I'd love for you guys to say who you'd like to see in the Cast of a re-make of Wizrd of Oz, just like I did not just one or two actors. But you can agree with me if you like.


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I like your lineup MJ. Here's mine. I like the idea of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, however the problem with Depp is that he would steal the thunder. He doesn't play side characters very well. Take Pirates of the Caribbean for example. See what you think of mine:

Director: Ron Howard (I)
He's done it all including the Grinch who Stole Christmas, which worked very well. He could pull this off easily.

Dorothy: Rachel McAdams
Based on her looks. She looks somewhat like Judy Garland and has been great in all of the leading roles I've seen her in.

Scarecrow: Michael Richards (I)
You know he would be great. I personally think he'd be even better than Depp for this role.

Tin-Man: Patrick Warburton
He is awesome. He's exactly the type of character actor to bring a new feel to the Tin-Man character.

The Cowardly Lion: Kelsey Grammer
Seeing him as Beast in X-Men makes me believe he could pull this off quite well. He's very diverse and I think he could nail this role.

Auntie Em: Rosemary Harris (I)
She played Aunt May in Spiderman. I doubt a big name would work well here because Auntie Em doesn't have much screen time.

The Wicked Witch: Monica Bellucci
She has played several villains and done well. I picker her over an older actress because I think old witches are overdone. She also played the sinister "Mirror Queen" in the "Brothers Grimm" as well as Persephone in the Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions.

The Good Witch: Lauren Graham (I)
She seems like she'd fit the part. I've seen her in several movies and she would be able to pull this off.

The Wizard: Dick Van Dyke
I'd have picked him for the Scarecrow if the remake was 30 or 40 years ago. He would need a beard though. The black and white wizard scenes would be easy for him. I think the scenes in Oz could be interesting. I have no problem believing he'd pull it off well though.

So that's my list. Thoughts?

I actually would love it if this movie was remade. It's about time too.


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They should get the person who plays the wicked witch in the play Wicked to play the Wicked Witch it would be much better.

This may be a horrible idea to re-do the Wizard of Oz because the original will always be more popular, Johnny Depp will seem to real as Scarecrow i agree.


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I would totally see MJ's version of it! :nod: Except I don't know who Ellen Page is. Except maybe Christopher Lee as the Wizard. And I'd add Emmanuel Lubezki as cinematographer (he filmed Sleepy Hollow with Tim Burton).


Sultan of Swat
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Ellen Page is the girl from Juno I believe that she would make a an awesome Dorothy. I've decided to change my selection for my Tin Man, instead of having Matthew Broderick, I'd put Robin Williams I believe he would make an awesome Tin Man.

I like the people you listen Hybrix especially the Kelsey Grammer selection.

I know there's only one Wizard of Oz, but they re-make movies all the time, just use your imagination for a second guys.


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Robin Williams would be good as several of the parts. I didn't even think about him. I don't think he would do a movie with Depp though. Their big names would clash too much.

ohhh who plays the guy in Chicago... let me look it up. I think he'd be great as the Wizard. Richard Gere!!
yea i want to see him as the Wizard.

and the actress playing Elphaba in Wicked is Idina Menzel.