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Razr 2


Registered Member
Motorola's releasing the Razr 2 pretty soon, anybody have any thoughts about it?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I wonder how well it will do compared to the iPhone. I haven't heard much about the Razr phones at all though so I can't comment. Have you used them?


Registered Member
It's hard to say how they'll do, but from my personal experience i don't think the iPhone will do too well. It's hard to text and has a few other bugs that make it not so fun to use.

But the RAZR 2 looks really cool, from what I gathered on the site it looks quite impressive. :nod: Motorola.com/2


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
The original had reliability and service issues. They tended to break very easily, and are over priced. What's so special about the second?


New Member
I didn't know they were coming out with the second one. I have the original one and I'm looking to replace it :/
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