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Ray Nagin and Hurricane Katrina


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This former mayor of New Orleans (Ray Nagin) bugs the crap out of me. He maintains that Bush and FEMA were unresponsive because of race. Ragin admits he was not quick enough to evacuate but ironically doesn't cite himself as racist for that mistake. Perhaps this is an example of the "inefficiencies" of all levels of government. We have investigations, point fingers, thrown money at it, make the system bigger and more complex, and then wonder why i'ts not expedient in the time of need.

Rain compares response time to when CA was faced with fires. Our area (San Diego county) had devastating fires in 2003 and then again in 2007. Our own local agencies had all sorts of beaurocracy in determining who would respond. Of course FEMA lessons were learned and applied.

Nevertheless, mother nature, and man's ability to fight mother nature (ie levees, fire trucks) has proved which is more powerful. Wait!! Is mother nature racist!?

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin short on 'secrets' in book interview | NOLA.com
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Certainly there were failures by FEMA but because it was poorly run, to cite it as being racist is irresponsible. Former Mayor Nagin just refuses to take any responsibility himself for his failures as governor, just like former Gov. Blanco has refused to do. It's much easier, and lazy as well, to just point fingers at FEMA and cry racism.