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    Matt Striker def. Carlito (DQ)
    Women's Champion Mickie James def. Maria
    Spirit Squad def. WWE Champion John Cena & Shawn Michaels
    Mick Foley def. Edge and Tommy Dreamer (Hardcore Triple Threat Match)
    Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam def. Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters and Charlie Haas (Fatal Fourway Tornado Match)
    Big Show vs. Kane (no contest)
    Umaga def. two locals (Handicap Match)

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    Thanks for writting down the result buddy. I saw the match Spirit Squad between John Cena and HBK, very good match up it's a shame that the good guys lost.
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    Yeah That sucked. GOD I HATE CHEARLEADERS! The fact that they can't cheer and remind me more of the backstreet boys makes my hate even stronger... Backstreet boys on crack... Oh god mental image...

    Sorry random stupid thought

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