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    Maria & Torrie Wilson def. Women's Champion Mickie James & Victoria (Cheerleader Match)
    WWE Champion John Cena def. Kenny
    Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam & Carlito def. Chris Masters & Shelton Benjamin
    Kane def. Rob Conway
    Nicky, Mikey & Johnny def. Snitsky, Goldust & Eugene
    Umaga def. Rory Fox
    The spirit squad was the co-general managers of raw the made boring matches lol. During a match the sent Joey Styles a note to go see the spirit squad backstage. They showed them making Joey say the line of "the new wwe champion is Kenny!" but with spirit. After that King made Joey pissed by saying say your line over and over again he pushed King and said is that enough spirit and King said yes yes thats good and did it again. Then Joey slapped King in the face. King responded in pushing Joey on the floor. Joey then left and went backstage. King apologized and asked for joey to come back. (then it got intresting) Joey said you knocked me on my ass in front of millions of viewers and you want me to work with you?. He went on about how the wwe superstars gave to be called superstars and not wrestlers and how he is sick of the wwe and Mr.McMahon. He also said he never needed this job that the wwe called him. After saying all this he quit.
    So who will be the new commentator?
    The kane match was funny. Kane was in a match v.s Robert Conway in a guest Referee which was HBK who was told to wear a shirt saying May 19. When the match started HBK came out and then Robert Conway did. Then HBK low blowed him and put the shirt on him. Then Kane came out and then he beat the hell out of Conway. Kane left the ring after a chokeslam and then HBK got a mic and said may 19 may 19 may 19 then put the mic on Conways chest the cane came back and gave conway the tombstone piledriver and pinned him and won. HBK also let Kane use a trash can.
    Also Mick Foley was on "the cutting edge" the talked about their match at wresltemania22. Mick foley then shook hands with edge and Lita and edge started trash talking. Mick said he was willing to go through hell again and suggested a rematch from wresletmania22. Edge said ok your on..... CRACK!. He said im am going to fight you next week in any match of your choice. He said im on no condition to fight you tonight. Mick said well rest up because next week he was going to go through hell.
    I don't care about the John Cena match SOMEONE BEAT HIM FOR HIS TITLE! PLEASE!!!

  2. Cocca

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    Best Raw of the year last night. There was nothing I saw wrong with the night. And I thought at the beginning that it was going to blow.
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    It was an interesting Raw especially the Joey Styles situation I think it's only because a new ECW pay per view event is coming, and I think that ECW will try to invade the WWE again. Also another interesting that happened was that when the Spirit Squad was beatting on John Cena and then Triple H left and before he went backstage he went face to face with HBK, then when HBK went into the ring he did the Suck it sign, that's kinda weird he's been doing it for a while now.
  4. Escobar

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    So has HHH. I didn't watch backlash but I think I saw him do it like 5 times after beating the crap out of cena and edge.

    Anyway that was a pretty good raw...spirit squad is so stupid I actually like them. Kenny's leg drop > all.
  5. Zombie

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    That raw was so awesome! That look HHH adn HBK gave each other... it's coming back!!!!! *dies*
    I can not let my self miss one week (Like I ever miss it! Its the only thing I do!)
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    Also Joey Styles quit because ECW is coming back and he will be the announcer for the show, and Jim Ross will be back on Monday Night Raw to announce Raw for a full time basis.
  7. Zombie

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    Has that been completely confirmed? JR being back and all. I was waiting for him to come back. He can't stay gone forever and being loved and respected as much as he is... Don't get me wrong. Joey was a good replacement for him.
  8. Escobar

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    I figured JR returning was the reason they did it. Are you sure about the ECW thing though? I heard about the WWE vs ECW or whatever it is, but not about ECW coming back 100%.
  9. Rastisrules

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    ECW is pretty much confirmed in the fact that they have Heyman and Dreamer under contract to book it.Plus they signed a bunch of guys for it already

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