RAW (September 24th 2007)


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Rage in a Cage
September 24, 2007

Carlito hovered around the ring, waiting for his chance to strike. He watched as Triple H took on World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch in a Handicap Match. When he spotted his opportunity, the Caribbean Bad Apple attacked from behind in an attempt to avenge his loss to The Game at Unforgiven. Carlito is still convinced he can beat the Cerebral Assassin anytime, and Monday, he’ll have a chance to prove it in a Cage Match. (WATCH)
There will be nowhere to run or hide for the Caribbean Bad Apple. How will Carlito handle the onslaught of The King of Kings? Find out Monday night when Raw heads north to Milwaukee.
After last Monday, John Cena’s rage has reached new levels. And who can blame him after acting General Manager Jonathan Coachman arranged a match between Randy Orton and Cena’s father? Handcuffed to the ring ropes, the WWE Champion watched helplessly as Orton administered a devastating RKO to the elder Cena before The Champ was able to break free. How will events play out next Monday night as the hatred between Cena and Orton reaches the boiling point on the way to their Last Man Standing Match at No Mercy on Oct. 7? (WATCH)
Speaking of hard feelings, how will Mr. McMahon’s manifest themselves this week? The Chairman continues to build walls between himself and his son, Hornswoggle. Can the leprechaun break through to his father, or will Mr. McMahon continue to freeze him out? (WATCH)
Also, Beth Phoenix showed last week that she’s primed for another opportunity at the Women’s Championship. After Candice won her tag team match with Mickie James, the Glamazon entered the ring carrying the Women’s Championship belt. She draped the gold over Candice’s shoulder and shoved the Candy-coated Diva, a clear warning that she means business. After coming so close to capturing the gold at Unforgiven, just how far is Phoenix willing to go for another opportunity at the title?
For answers to these questions and more, tune in to Raw Monday night on USA Network at 9/8 CT.

Should be a better RAW than last week tonight. The Cage should get at least like 15 minutes to 20 minutes i assume or its a waste of a match. Dont really know what else to expect. Hornwoggle/Vince will continue their saga, and Orton and Cena will continue their fued. Either Candice will face someone or Phoenix will have a squash match. Then theres the tag match that will probley happen at No Mercy (L & K vs Cade & Murdoch) so im sure they will do something to continue their fued as well. Overall i think this RAW will do better than last weeks mainly because of the Cage match.

Dr. Rockzerz

Out of a 1/10 id say this RAW was a 6/10. Thats usually my average for most RAWs but not all. 6 isnt too high trust me.

Good parts of the show
-Hornswoggle and Melina skits
-Randy Orton promo
-Mixed tag match (short but it wasnt that bad IMO and im being honest to you guys)
-Holly's return (Thought id never see him back)
-Cena/Orton fued got a bit more interesting

Bad parts of the show
-of coarse too predictable
-Lame way to have Cena not get stripped they could have had a better reason
-opening promo a bit too long (at least 5 minutes or so too long)
-Cage match could have been better but the end was alright. At least the end wasnt lame IMO

Equal amount of good things and bad things like every RAW usually.


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This Raw was the weirdest Raw of 2007.

Another good part to the show? The Chris Jericho apparent promo type thing. "save_us_22" or whatever that was


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It wasn't a bad RAW. I think were getting some good storylines downpath.

I had to stand and cheer when Holly came back though.


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I saw it just couple of minutes ago, It was pretty interesting, what really finished the show off good was John Cena's stripping of the title, then Mr.McMahon ordered not to strip him, it was Hornswoggle of course.

I really loled at the shower scene between Melina and Hornswoggle, that was the best I've seen.

So far, I this was the best RAW.