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RAW needs a heel celebrity GM. K-Fed? Spencer?


There has already been too many face GMs hosting RAW, and I'm pretty sure ZZ Top will be a face while hosting, too. That's just too many face GMs. RAW needs to get at least one celebrity during this entire period of different people hosting to be a heel.

The following celebrities would be great at hosting RAW as a heel:

- K-Fed
- Spencer & Heidi Pratt
- Michael Vick
- Barack Obama
- Roseanne Barr

...and feel free to list some of your own!

Um, yeah, having face celebrities become GM isn't so great. I find it to be boring and not that entertaining. Rather than the celebrity save face they should do something crazy and become a heel to really shock the crowd and their fans.


I am the woolrus
I don't think celebrities should be hosts/GMs at all.

The only good host so far has been Ted DiBiase and that's because he knows the business and knows how to cut a promo. That's the basic requirement for being a GM. You can hire in someone who could be a great actor but they probably still couldn't cut a wrestling promo or get a WWE crowd going to save their life.

I like ZZ Top but even still i was like "WTF?" when i saw they were hosting RAW.
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