Raw Guest Host For February 1 Announced


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Taken from the thread 'Your Dream RAW Guest Host'

As for celebrities, two people just randomly sprung to mind as people i'd definitely tune in to see if they hosted RAW. William Shatner or Bill Cosby!!! I have no idea why they sprung to mind but either would be bizarre enough to get me to tune in :p
William Shatner is one of my favourite people on the planet. I know he's going to be bizarre and hilarious. I never actually expected WWE to have him as guest host but he's one of my favourite celebrities they possibly could have picked!!!


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Does that mean you'll be watching February 1st?

Hopefully him and The King get at it once again, we all know they have a past together which was pretty entertaining. Shatner is going to be great and really entertaining in my opinion. He definitely won't disappoint.


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Shatner + WWE = more fun in two hours than the law should allow. I can't wait to see what they do with him and Santino. This guest host thing is really working for me.


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I agree, the last guest host was awesome, the next one is the Iron Mike Tyson, then in a few weeks it's going to be William Shatner. There's been some crappy guest host since they introduced this concept but for the most part there's been some really interesting ones.

Yeah him and Santino will probably have an hilarious segment together.


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Yeah not every guest host is going to be good but there have been some fun ones and makes the show a little different then what a GM would do.

Shatner has a history in the WWE...should be good.
William: Triple. H. You shall. Go. One on one. With. Sheamus. Oh my.

Should be some good stuff coming from good ol' Willy-boy. :)