RAW & ECW Results May 19/20


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RAW May 19th

*Jeff Hardy and Umaga fought to double count out

*Beth Phoenix over Maria

*Batista over Chris Jericho

*Mr. Kennedy over William Regal

*Randy Orton & JBL over Triple H & John Cena

ECW on Sci-Fi May 20th

*Colin Delaney & Kelly Kelly over Mike Knox & Layla​

*Armando Estrada over Colin Delaney​

*The Miz over Kane by DQ​

*Shelton Benjamin over Kofi Kingston​

*John Morrison & Chavo Guerrero over Tommy Dreamer & CM Punk​


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Sounded like a decent edition of ECW. I actually forgot about it and was waiting for the Cardinals game to start! I would have enjoyed Shelton getting the win and seeing AAE in action again. What type of finisher did he he use?