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Raw Discussions: November 16th, 2015


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Excited to see more matches for this tournament. Really dislike that Cesaro is facing Reigns tonight, which most likely means Cesaro gets eliminated tonight.

Use this thread to discuss tonight's show.


Registered Member
I don't know about you guys but here's how I feel about the main event segment:

Personally, I have no problem bringing real-life issues into storylines. I loved the Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy angle in 2005. I had no problem when TNA brought the real-life problems of Kurt Angle, Jeff & Karen Jarrett. However, when it comes to death, this makes me feel really uncomfortable. Some will say that no one should feel offended as obviously, it was OKed by Charlotte (and Ric Flair) but still, when you know the circumstances of Reid Flair's death and how difficult it has been for the Flairs to grieve and overcome his death, I'm sorry but there are better ways for Paige to come across as a despicable heel without going this far. Now, I'm not blaming Paige at all as she was doing what she was told but they could've used Charlotte's recent divorce with TNA's Bram and they could've gotten the same result. It didn't feel right in 2006 to use Eddie Guerrero's death as the background to Rey Mysterio's World Heavyweight Championship and it's sure as hell is the same thing to me with the main event segment. I didn't even finish the segment 'cause as soon as Charlotte ended her emotional speech, I flipped channels because I knew where this is going.

Other than that.....Bootyade.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I thought it was an odd choice for the main event slot...I get what they are doing but Charlotte isn't good on the mic, I'm sorry. I honestly couldn't even look at the TV when she was talking, I felt so bad for her. It sounded so...dare I say it...fake.

As far as the death thing, eh, I just spoke on it in the other thread so dont have much to say on it.