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Raw Discussions: December 7th, 2015


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Ziggler vs. Owens was phenomenal.

Oh and I love that the major change essentially boiled down to not having a twenty-minute authority promo this week.


Registered Member
Hell, make that no Authority at all, except from that goofy ad for Smackdown moving to USA in January.

People have been very critical of last night's RAW but I think that other than the BRUTAL main event segment, I thought the action was overall quite solid. I thoroughly enjoyed the 4-Team Elimination Match to kickoff the show and I was really happy to see Rhyno back on the main roster, even though it's gonna probably short-lived before he resumes his NXT stint.

Curious to know about your thoughts on the MizTV segment. Charlotte was looking more comfortable than usual and it looks like they could turn her heel at any moment. Hell, if Ric Flair sticks with her as her manager, this could be interesting. As for Paige.....just make her a badass tweener already. Besides, people are cheering for her anyways no matter what.