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Raw Discussion September 20, 2010


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Raw will be taping next week show tonight, which is very surprising since they just had Night of Champions last night.

Should be an interesting show since a lot happened last night at the Pay Per View.

Use this thread to discuss the matches and promos that will be happening tonight.


I ♥ Haters
Here's my Raw rundown. I think the show itself was freakin' great, but I was stuck watching it with my roommates's BF. That fucking dickhead ruined the entire show for me. Just bitching and complaining about every little micro-detail, marking out like a prepubescent girl at a Justin Bieber concert. What a douche! I'm just like "Dude, shut the fuck up already"

Anyways, I loved Miz on commentary and his promo was pretty good too. I kinda wished that him and Alex Riley had interfered after the match because I was actually looking forward to Daniel Bryan versus Edge. I love Daniel Bryan, he's fierce but I'm not too big on his theme song.

Melina against LayCool actually surprised the crap outta me. I was not expecting Layla to go big with her finisher. That was so badass.

R-Truth & Eve Vs. Ted DiBiase & Maryse = LION YAWN! Awful match and awful little storyline going there. Can I get some nachos to go with that cheese?

The mainevent was pretty kick ass. The gauntlet match was a brilliant idea. The more Nexus, the better. Man, Justin Gabriel took it to John Cena. For a few seconds, I thought Gabriel had him beat. The one thing that's bothering me is that Hell In A Cell agreement they made. I've got a bad feeling that the WWE is gonna fuck up the Nexus royally. Just a gut feeling, they will. Either that or I have cramps. Anyways, overall it was a pretty good show. Not bad. I think Raw delivered.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Overall it was a good show, Daniel Bryan vs Edge was pretty good. I wish it lasted a bit longer. The Miz and Riley whooped his ass afterwards though, that was a beating in a half. Michael Cool is still annoying has fuck though.

I did enjoy the promo between Sheamus and Orton had the beginning of the show.

The Morrison/Jericho match was really good. Morrison is definitely getting a huge push, and I love every second of it.

The Tag Title match was decent, Drew and Cody had a few good moments, so did Kozlov. The commentary was awful in that match though, but I had to admit DH Smith did a mean impression of Drew.

The Mix tag team match was awful...but I'm sure curious of what they showed on the titantron afterwards. I see Maryse and Ted breaking up soon, the WWE are finally realizing it's not working.

The main event was pretty good, I was extremely impressed with Justin Gabriel, the WWE are really high on him I believe.