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Raw Discussion: September 13, 2010


I was watching some YouTube videos of John Morrison doing parkour training. He really does it in real life and he's very skilled at it. Doing his match with Sheamus doing a few different spots with his training really shows that he's into it and must practice a lot to pull off all the stunts he does. The only problem I had with the match is the way that it ended. Jericho interupting the match made it go from 10/10 to 8/10. They could have ended it clean due to both wrestlers showing off all they got.

GoldRegal vs RegalDust was fun. I liked it. Goldust really did Regal well from picking a fight before the match to bouncing off the ropes. It's shame that these two don't have more matches on the show. It's been along time. =(

Didn't like the build up in the Six Pack Challenge. If you're having six people compete why make Orton look super powerful while making Edge, Sheamus, Wade and Jericho look weak? I know Orton is beginning to take over the face of the company, but cool your jets. Shit.