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Raw discussion: July 26, 2010


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Last weeks episode was fantastic, I'm sure it will be the same tonight. What I'm mostly looking forward to is to see what's next for Team Cena and Team Nexus, something as to go down tonight.

What's the next step between Orton and Sheamus, will they have an encounter tonight?

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Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Unfortunately, it's another night in which I'll be missing most of the show...still, excited to hear/see what happens with Orton as number 1 contender!

I'm also looking forward to seeing Team Cena...specifically the interaction between Cena, Edge, Jericho, and Bret. Should be interesting. I think Morrison can excel in his spot on the team; I wasn't that happy about Khali and Truth, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they'll step into the role well.

What's next for Bourne, then? I'm surprised after Nexus' assaults on him that he's not a part of this...does that mean a US Title shot at Summerslam? I could see him and Miz having a great feud.


Haters gonna hate.
I think that they'll boost Nexus tonight since they tend to alternate momentum by week. Randy and Sheamus will have an encounter tonight, I just know it. It's got to happen.

Bourne-Miz would be a great feud. Great along the lines of the current Dolph-Kofi one.


The Rock is cooking atm..
I think if they want miz's MITB contract to be as legit as possible, they'd have to make him drop the title to someone, and Bourne makes a lot of sense.

This RAW should be awesome, the last show was amazing, can't wait to see what unfolds here :)


Haters gonna hate.
Last night's show was good but not great. The strained relationship of Team Cena was expected and the matches for me weren't all that great. Great to see Tamina in a Divas match, though. She can actually wrestle. Now where's Melina?

I wonder if they are testing Miz as face by having him stalk Sheamus. Just a thought.