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Raw Discussion: February 28, 2011


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
At the end of the show last week, you had The Miz turning on his tag partner and costing them the belts and the match. I'm sure Cena will look for retrobution tonight.

Speaking of Cena, we all saw his promo on The Rock at the beginning of Raw, should be interesting to see if Rocky replies. I won't hold my breath though.

I'm also looking forward too the next chapter between Randall Orton and CM Punk. Should be fun to watch.

Let's use this thread to discuss tonight's episode.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Something about this makes me think that Rock will be back tonight:

Dwayne Johnson's photo "...On RAW...my response..." on WhoSay

He posted a link of the photo on his facebook, it's his response to Cena's rap.

Can't wait to see more of Orton/Punk. I wish they were the ones fighting for the title right now.

That being said, I enjoy Miz and Cena facing off; I'll be fine with seeing Cena trying to get retribution, as Biz said. You'd think he'll get one up on The Miz tonight, but you never know.

I'm hoping to see the possibility of Sheamus vs. Bryan develop some more tonight.

I'd also like it if heat between Slater/Gabriel and The New Nexus started tonight; the two factions fighting for the tag team titles at WM is still purely speculation on all of our parts, but it would be great if it happened and it would make sense. I'd like to see the feud go ahead and start so that it has momentum and fuel going into WM.


Haters gonna hate.
I'm hoping to see the possibility of Sheamus vs. Bryan develop some more tonight.
That has serious potential to be a show-stealer. Both of these two can work an above-average match, and Bryan will push all of his limits to keep the title.

Next to seeing Sheamus/HHH (RIP that feud), I always said that Bryan/Sheamus was the next likely option. I wanna see gold back on Sheamus's waist.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
My thoughts on the show:

-Solid promo by HHH. I really like the whole "we've both done everything" angle, and that the one thing that Trips needs to do is to end the streak. Part of me wishes it was more personal, but if it's not going to be this is the way to do it. It was kind of cool (if he's not going to feud with Sheamus, which I wish would have happened) that Trips just owned Sheamus and Pedigreed him through a table like that. It's like "you're not even worth my time, fella."

-Evan Bourne is back, baby! Awesome to see the guy, glad that he returned with an easy win over an already beaten Sheamus. With him fighting Sheamus and not furthering the feud with Bryan, I'm back to thinking that MitB will return. I keep going back and forth on that because of conflicting signs.

-Cole is hilarious, again. I could say that after every broadcast. Him continually yelling "How about it, Jerry?!" a million times after Swagger put him in the ankle lock was pretty damn funny. I do like Swagger being in his corner; for some reason it fits to have him training Cole. What bums me out, though, is that it ruins the possibility of an IC Title match between Kofi and Swagger at WM unless they plan on having Jack do more than one thing. Again, it makes it look like MitB would happen. Maybe.

-Good match between McGillicutty and Orton...gotta love a good punt at the end. I hope that these punts are just taking out the New Nexus members before WM and won't end up being a way to disband the group...I'm such a huge fan, as you guys know, and I think that this new incarnation of the Nexus needs much more time. Millz and I were both theorizing that Orton will probably beat everyone except for Mason Ryan, who will end up in Punk's corner at WM.

-HBK's analysis of Taker/HHH was fun to hear, even if it went as expected. It almost helped to make the match feel even bigger.

-Just having Daniel Bryan getting beat down for no reason? I'm conflicted on it. As the US Champion he should have gotten to show off his skills on the show, and I think it should have been someone else getting the beatdown and Skull-Crushing Finale from Miz (note: I totally almost typed Millz right there...I wouldn't put it past you to assault Daniel Bryan, Millz!!! haha!). So the con to that was that it was on Bryan, the pro is that it further solidified what The Miz had said earlier, that Raw is his show and that's why he won the titles with Cena and then let Cena be the one to lose them. So with Raw being his show, he can do whatever he wants at any time. Classic heel champ move.

-Skipped the Diva's match, but watched the very end. I like that the Bellas went heel...but them facing Eve Torres for the title? Really? Really? Let's see, we've got Gail Kim, Melina, Beth Phoenix, LayCool, etc....and you're going with these people? If it's going to WM at least have Torres lose the belt early to the Bellas and have Gail Kim defeat them and win her first title since returning; at least that story will make sense....which means it has zero chance of happening.

-The Rock's response to Cena was incredible, as you'd expect. He brought a ton of passion and did the best satellite appearance on a wrestling show I've ever seen...to the fans he might as well have been right there in the arena. WWE did really well in bringing the house lights up when he was doing his "Millions..." catch phrase. It was a really passionate and funny promo, and I can't wait to see what happens at WM before/after/during Cena's match against The Miz.

-I enjoyed the main event; gotta love a cage match. Riley did well, and if he's fired from Miz's services (surprised he won't be around for WM after how long he's been helping the guy out) I'm glad that we'll at least get to see him somewhere. Likely: challenging for the US Title soon. Not so likely, but would be awesome: Joining the New Nexus. Anyway, Miz's use of his phone and twitter (and Cena's later) was pretty funny...The Miz is definitely good at being a very modern champ.

The pic: The Miz's photos - Hey cenation come look how good I look! | Plixi (you might need to be logged into Twitter, not sure).


aka ginger warlock
My thoughts on last nights Raw:

Over all I felt it was a solid, all of the promos that were done were good and no-one missed a beat.

HHH: As good as HHH's promo was I wasn't as excited by it than The Rocks, I know they are two very different men and I did enjoy it but I just felt it was lacking something, for instance and maybe I missed it from last week as I fell behind but why was Wrestlemania 17 not mentioned? Surely it would have made sense story line wise to have brought it in, something like:

HHH: "Deadman, Taker, American Bad Ass whatever you are calling yourself these days. We have met before. And it is true that last time round to beat me and I failed to end the streak but trust me, you might have taken out one member of DX but lightning will NOT strike twice, this time Taker, it is YOU who will be taking a last ride."

Or something like that, I admit my promo skills suck but I think it deserved a mention.

Seamus coming out? It was good to see I won't deny it but the whole beat down thing I found just boring and I am not sure how much good it did for Evan Bourne as it gives Seamus the chance to say "yeah, you beat me, but only because of HHH, and HHH, I have a long memory" although I was impressed by how quickly they got the announce table replaced,

Cole and King, a very good spot by both men. I was shocked by the comments Cole made about the Kings mother but obviously King okay'd it.

Orton vs Nexus. What can I say but predictable. Didn't make me ion the least bit care about the continuation of that story though it did amuse me greatly when Josh Matthews started announcing the email from the GM and he starts by saying "ladies and gentlemen the anonymousness general manager says..." and someone from the crowd screams "COLE SUCKS!" :lol:

The Cena V Miz promo was very funny, as much as I hate to admit it I am starting to really like Cena, whatever people say he is VERY good on the mich.

Divas match? Chance to have smoke and ignore it.

The Rocks promo was good I will not take it away from him. I just worry about him doing the promo from his home. I am sure there is a good reason for it but I just hope he doesn't it too often.

The HBK promo was always very well put together and it is always nice to see HBK in whatever capacity.

Riley V Cena in a cage was as Cage matches go quite good. There was a lot of back and forth and the Miz on the mic was just fantastic. I am not sure if I am happy with the ending. It seems predictable for Cena to have won it but when the stipulation was "you have to say I am awesome I didn't expect a lot.

Overall not a bad Raw.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
No need for spoilers in this thread guys.

Overall it was a solid show, definitely more talking then actual wrestling. Which is fine with me because they need to build up Wrestlemania.

HHH promo was decent, I don't like how he pretty much buried every wrestler in the backstage saying that Undertaker is the only wrestler worth wrestling since he's done everything. That said, it's HHH what else do you expect.

I don't know what the WWE are doing with The New Nexus, but two things I hate right now, first off they come out to CM Punk's theme song, and they've lost Henning and Harris to punts, two of the best wrestlers on the team.

I couldn't stand Cole, but with him having Swagger has his trainer it could do some wonders. The reason I say that is because this can be sort of like Hogan at Wrestlemania 2, where you see promo's of Hogan training, doing dead-lifts and such. Obviously, this would be more comedy then anything else. I'm curious to know who the Special Guess Refferee will be.

The Cena/Miz promo was average, Cena was pretty corny once again. His whole Doctors note was pretty lame, and Riley's jokes were simply awful. The match itself was pretty good, Riley carried himself fairly well in the match. I do wonder what's next for him now. We'll he be going back to FCW(I doubt it) hopefully he gets a nice push, maybe feud with Daniel Bryan.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, I'm with you Unity, the beating from Miz didn't make much sense at all. It seems like it was done just to fill in some time in the show. Or maybe, we'll see Bryan and The Miz after Wrestlemania.

Now on to the promo from The Rock, it started off a little slow but he picked it up when he removed Cena's hat and chain. It wasn't better then his first one, but it was pretty darn close. I love how he said Bitch and it wasn't even censored.

Overall good show, for sure.