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Raw Discussion: August 9, 2010


The Rock is cooking atm..
AWESOME SHOW WAS AWESOME! Ahhhhh I literally screamed at the TV when Edge and Jericho ran back...I was like COME ON JERICHO/EDGE GET IN THE RING...and they did...I literally jumped onto my feet screaming like a girl HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

RAW has been so epic as of late, not as boring as it used to be, and NEXUS are doing an amazing job as the heel stable, especially Barret...I seriously hope the Miz is in on the action, because he's just so awesome (pun intended) he's probably my favorite wrestler on raw now. Loved how Edge was getting all pumped up and took the first shot, that was amazing haha!!!!

Sheamus/Orton = perfection nuff said.

The show was pretty sweet, and dang that move that Bourne did...the jumping/flying hurrincanranna was just OH MY LORD! LOL!

Overall AWESOME show :)