Raw Discussion 28-12-09

I had a weird dream that Bret got in a fight with either HBK or Vince and decided to not show up on the 4th. So close, yet so far away. ><

Thinking on it now... hmm, it doesn't seem like there is enough build to his return. HBK is still in DX and Vince hasn't really done anything to mock Bret, or to call Bret out. Makes me wonder how it'll play out once he shows up. :eek:


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I wish they would have promoted this for two weeks but whatever...WWE is good at getting the word out anyways.


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I think they were trying to keep it a surprise, but given the speculators and the internet, and the big hint they dropped during that one episode, there just wasn't much to "build" up on lol.
kk, thoughts:

DX vs JeriShow next week. JeriShow HAS to win, right? I mean, with Bret coming back, Shawn wanting to fight Taker at WM26, Triple H POSSIBLY getting ready to feud with Sheamus and for the sheer fact JeriShow > DX. Guess that last one is debatable. Um, yeah JeriShow is also much more versitile on all three brands and has the capability to continue that if they are champions again. DX to drop titles to JeriShow? Yay!?

Ok, other than that it looks like they build up next weeks RAW very well. Lots of great, epicly nice matches to take place. A must view for any wrestling fan! =)


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That promo was out of this world, and I agree that package video was awesome. Brought so many great memories, except the ending of course.

HBK did a great job as well, I wonder if they have talked and settle their differences.

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