Raw Discussion 15-01-10


Sultan of Swat
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I don't expect much from the hosts tonight, but Bret hart is suppose to be there and confront Vince McMahon, that's what I'm really looking forward to.

Hopefully it's a good show with great matches.


Sultan of Swat
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I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that the Undertaker will accept Shawn Michaels challenge. Personally I don't want to see these two go at it again even if their last match was magnificent.

I rather see Undertaker take on someone new same goes with The Heart Break Kid.


Sultan of Swat
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Pretty average show, there were a few good matches like Kofi and Cena vs Legacy, and there was few good segments especially when Santino came out dressed as Don Johnson in a Miami Vice suit.

The segment with Cena, DX, Big Show at the end was pretty good. Hopefully this means that DX is going to split up.

I'm just very pissed that Bret Hart wasn't part of the show.
Yeah, the show was okay. The hosts weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. I liked how one was heel and the other face.

I agree, Kofi and Cena vs. Legacy was good. Kofi seems to be involved in some of the best matches every week.

Hornswoggle made me laugh a few times last night... I felt cheap inside afterwards. Ha.

I'd like to see DX break up, but at the same time, I still enjoy them for the most part.

The Rumble is shaping up nicely.

Who do you think will win?


Sultan of Swat
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We'll wait till we make our selections for Royal Rumble in Pick Em' before making our selection as the Royal Rumble winner.

I think the Rumble is going to be stacked this year.

Hornswoggle does the same thing every week and it's getting more annoying every week. I know I've said this many times, but I don't understand how he still as a contract with the WWE. If I was The Miz and Big Show I would be pretty angry that he's the one who got the pin and the victory in the main event, even if he pinned Heder for the victory.

My dream sceneario is that HBK turns heel, but I honest doubt that will happen, and if he does I don't think it will be as good as he was back in the day.
I forgot about pick'em.

I agree, I think Hornswoggle is annoying as fuck 90% of the time - but midgets make me laugh and the ladder bit made me chuckle. I agree though, he has no business being in the main event or getting the pin.

Are they saving Bret for something? Will he show up next week?

Santino was funny.

Shouldn't they have made it just a little harder for Mark Henry to throw Jack Swagger out? Looked kind of cheesy. I understand he is huge, a little more effort would've made it better in my opinion.

I enjoy Mark Henry though.
1) Hornswoggle is actually growing on me now. The past few weeks really changed my outlook on him. hehe - Makes me wonder which side Hornswoggle will choose once DX splits up. Hmm... Also, when/if DX does begin to feud I HOPE Hornswoggle doesn't get involved. I would much rather have a clean victory over one of them.

2) Henry vs Swagger sucked. Wasn't Swagger saying a few weeks ago he won't lose a match until he wins a title or something? Also, why are they making him lose to Santino and Mark Henry - especially Henry in a squash match. I really want to see The Miz and Swagger team up to win the tag titles, that would be so epic. ;)

3) DX. I agree with MJ, I want HBK to turn heel instead of Triple H. Triple H already turned heel before, and doing it again just isn't that appealing.

4) I really liked Jon Header, he was a pro on the mic. =P

5) Not enough wrestling on the show, either. Extremely short Sheamus vs Bourne match, squash match with Henry vs Swagger, womens match, and... yeah. Those three matches were terrible the first hour. Why is Vince going the TNA route!? =(


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I'll be really shattered if DX split up..when I saw Triple H do that at the end of the show, my heart sank. I reckon it will be Triple H who will turn a heel, HBK is too much loved to go heel..but the show was alright, quite funny with Jon Heder.