Raw brand sold again!


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I guess even the powers that be at WWE realized what a lame storyline the sale of Raw to Donald Trump was. They corrected that mistake by having The Donald sell Raw back to Vince at twice the price. The good news is we won't have to see Donald Trump on Raw anymore!! Donald Trump may be a great business man but he just doesn't belong on a wrestling show!


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Wow that was POINTLESS. Plus it epitomised the inconsistency and irrationality in the writing on RAW at the moment.

Two weeks now we've been waiting for a GM, but they've decided to delay it for a two week long storyline that did nothing but damage WWE stock prices. Nice one Vince! Keep up the good work in creative :p


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Last night's RAW was really a crappy show, in my opinion. I guess it was two things: the fact that it's the same old feuds before The Bash, and the fact that so much time was devoted to McMahon and Trump. The only payoff of that was the Goldust/Hornswaggle/Festus scene, lol. If they ever do a "no-commercial" presentation again, please make the content somewhat new and exciting.


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I found this on another website that I post at...source is included...I think its a very interesting read about the situation with Trump. When it first happened and Trump sold RAW back to McMahon I immediately thought they pulled the plug because they realized how fucking lame it was...I think thats' the case. The stock went down, the crowd didnt give a crap, and the whole idea was bound to fail. I am glad they realized it and got rid of it...it would have been a disaster. Anyways, see below:

source: Figure Four newsletter June 23rd:

Vince McMahon went a little nutty this week as he gave away a $230,000 Raw gate for free just to get new storyline owner Donald Trump over as more of a babyface -- and then six hours later did a storyline removing Trump from that position and apparently ending the angle months early.
The announcement that all Raw ticket holders would get free refunds was made at 4:00 PM on Monday when Trump landed in Green Bay.

The announcement that the press conference would be happening came out the night before. As of early in the weekend, the Raw script had not been finished. In other words, this whole idea was likely a last-minute deal, as usual. Why was it done? I don't really have a good idea. I know that the original Trump storyline was scheduled to go much longer than one week, and I also know that nearly everyone in WWE was very negative about it. The original Trump announcement didn't get nearly the reaction Vince expected the night it was made, which shouldn't really surprise anyone because it came out of nowhere and made absolutely no sense. Obviously they wanted to try to get some press. The problem with that, though, as noted in the news sections, is that very few media outlets picked up the "Trump buys Raw" press release USA sent out last week, and those that did ended up looking like idiots for taking it seriously.

A week later, WWE was relying on those same people that looked like fools to run their press release about how Trump supposedly gave away a $230,000 gate for free. As of late Monday night, the only mainstream press I saw this get anywhere was in the local Green Bay papers, which you'd expect. So for people arguing that they bought themselves $230,000 or more worth of publicity, or somehow increased their brand awareness (does this really need increasing when they are far and away the number-one wrestling company in America and pretty much everyone is aware of what WWE is?), well, there is zero evidence of that whatsoever. It hearkens back to the heyday of WCW when Vince Russo put the World Title on actor David Arquette. To this day Russo brags about all the publicity they got in USA Today. What he doesn't mention is that is this publicity not only didn't help business at all, but it actually hurt ratings and the following PPV did terrible numbers.

As one former writer noted, "You can't capture the same magic twice. When we used Trump last time he was at the height of his public feud with Rosie. Now he's very cold. I really doubt this will kick start anything. Hope the end game is worth the investment."

Vince throwing away $230,000 of company money is problematic for many reasons. Sure, the company is going to gross a half billion this year and that's theoretically a drop in the hat. But they've been severely cutting costs of late. They've trimmed down the office staff and have people working two jobs. They've just released a half dozen guys from developmental. You could have paid those guys for a year with $230,000, or you could have hired six new wrestlers. Just last week, Rey Misterio, by far the biggest superstar in all of Mexico, a guy who for awhile single-handedly bumped up the Smackdown ratings in the Hispanic demographic, a guy who sells tons of merchandise, was at odds with the company over pay. He's not the only guy unhappy. What kind of message does that send to all of those guys when Vince throws $230,000 out the window for an angle he killed dead that same day? What kind of message does it send to stockholders, some of whom are already bitching about the amount of money the company pays out every quarter on dividends? None of this means WWE is going out of business, because they're not. But to say it's a good business move, or it's a smart way of thinking outside the box, is not looking at the big picture or the history of these sorts of things.

If this resulted in a ton of publicity and the ECW and Smackdown ratings rose and the Bash did good numbers, fine. But I guarantee that this is getting zero mainstream publicity (in fact, it will generate less than the original Trump announcement did, and that announcement did not cost $230,000), it will have no positive effect on numbers whatsoever, and in the end all they'll get out of it is some unhappy wrestlers and questioning stockholders. You can't even compare it as a "goodwill gesture" to Tribute to the Troops, because that show gets tons of mainstream press every year and this won't get anything whatsoever. In the end, there are plenty of creative, "think outside the box" publicity ideas that do not cost a quarter million dollars.

Raw was also commercial-free, but that was a deal set up by USA Network to try to draw big ratings. This was also bad timing as it is believed 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' was going to do gangbuster ratings Monday night after the announcement that the two are getting a divorce.

On the bright side, despite all the turmoil internally (writing crew, as mentioned last week, is going completely nuts), we at least have a card for the Bash PPV Sunday: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy for the Smackdown title, Randy Orton vs. HHH in a three-falls match (normal match, falls count anywhere and stretcher match falls) for the Raw Title, ECW Scramble match for the belt, Melina vs. Michelle McCool, Chris Jericho vs. Rey Misterio in a mask vs. title match, John Cena vs. Miz, and Carlito & Primo vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. WWE canceled the Monday night house show because they wanted every single person on Raw for -- well, who knows, since apparently the show was re-written. In the end, not a single person from ECW appeared on the show and only a couple of Smackdown wrestlers appeared. They also didn't make one mention of ECW at all, not the match at the PPV or even the TV show the next night, they had a six-woman match and not one of the women was Michelle McCool or Melina, they barely touched on the mask vs. title stip for Jericho vs. Rey, Miz was given absolutely zero credibility whatsoever, and Primo and Cody Rhodes had a match that did neither them nor the match Sunday any favors at all.

So yeah, things have been better.
A quick off-topic point:

Rey Misterio, by far the biggest superstar in all of Mexico, a guy who for awhile single-handedly bumped up the Smackdown ratings in the Hispanic demographic, a guy who sells tons of merchandise, was at odds with the company over pay. He's not the only guy unhappy.
What. The. Heck? That's the saddest thing I've read all day. Are you telling me people like Rey Mysterio because he's more relateable to the Hispanic community? Basically, what it says; they're watching because he's hispanic and caters to the hispanic community. That's just sad. You don't see me watching SmackDown! just for Edge, John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler. I'm disapointed in people. :\

Any-a-do, I saw the RAW clip of Donald selling it back to Vince and thought "Hmm... Usually, they have thing situations last a long, long time. I wonder what went wrong." I'm glad we are getting more information about the REAL reason. Even though I was starting to like Donald Trump I still say there were many, many better potential persons to "buy" RAW.


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This right here the WWE has no direction right now. They need new writers because this is getting really pathetic. The only way this is going to change is if the WWE gets a challenge from another company. Which is not going to happen anytime soon.
from lordsofpain.net:

WWE writers did not finish the script for Raw until hours before the show, and it was a last minute decision to kill off the Donald Trump new owner storyline. The storyline was originally planned to last for more than a week. The general feeling backstage was negative towards the storyline, and it did not create the reaction Vince McMahon expected from the media.

WWE hoped when they announced Donald Trump would give a full ticket refund for the people in attendance at last night's Raw that the media would pick the story up, but it was another failed attempt as only the local media covered it. The bottom line now is that WWE purchased $250,000 worth of failed publicity.
Not sure how credible that site is, still, pretty interesting nonetheless.

Also, I heard RAW got a 4.5 rating. That's awesome compared to their usual 3.0-3.5, eh?


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Wow that was POINTLESS. Plus it epitomised the inconsistency and irrationality in the writing on RAW at the moment.
100% agreement here.

Maybe I should apply to write for the WWE? Hell, I could write better storylines with my hands chopped off.


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100% agreement here.

Maybe I should apply to write for the WWE? Hell, I could write better storylines with my hands chopped off.
Dude I've been saying the same thing about myself for years! That would be so cool but I have a feeling Vinnie Mac would just shoot down everything I thought.

Ya know, because he's insane.